iphone battery replacement

How Do You Know It’s Time to Replace Your Battery?

When the curtains get old, you change them. When you outgrow your clothes and shoes, you change them. Even when the house décor is old, you change it. Why do you do so? To improve their performance, appearance, and lifespan. This is the life we have all known.

Just like any other gadget, your phone battery needs replacement. It may be that time of the year when you are so busy but your phone keeps failing you. To know when you will note some changes with the performance of the phone or battery. These signals may be warning you that it is time for your iphone battery replacement. Such signals include:

When it cannot hold a charge for long

The first sign that your phone battery is damaged is when it can no longer hold charges. You could charge the phone and then after a few hours later the battery is drained without you using it. When this is the case, there could be some underlying factors, that only a technician could probably resolve. It would therefore be a good idea if you contacted one and got the help.

When the battery is swollen

We have two types of batteries; the removable one and the in-built battery. Swollen battery problems are likely to be experienced with removable batteries. You may have realized that the backside of your mobile is a bit raised and on opening, you find a swollen battery. In such a case, you may need to replace it because using it in that state may damage the phone further. To do so, contact or visit your nearest technician and let them help you replace it.

When the battery dies

The battery may completely fail to work. This could be the case where you charge but the phone does not start. In such instances, the only solution would be having a professional check your phone. The issue may not only be the battery but the phone could also be having problems. So instead of you buying the battery and replacing it yourself, have an expert check it to avoid further damage.

When the battery overheats

If the battery overheats whenever you plug in the charger, it could be a signal that it is time to change it. Also, when the phone reboots on its own or bumps up, it could be a signal that you need to replace the battery. Ensure you do replacement soonest possible. Failure to do so would result in further damage to the phone.


In conclusion, it is essential to take care of your phone just like you do with everything else. It is part of your daily business and there is a need to keep it in the best state possible. Whenever you notice that your battery needs replacement, do so as any delays may result in further damages. Some of the signs of a damaged battery could be overheating, draining so fast, not keeping the charge among others. These have been explained above.