white label ppc management

How to Work With White Label PPC Providers Effectively

If you're new to pay-per-click advertising, then you may be wondering exactly what "White Label" entails. Essentially, White Label PPC (pay per click) allows you to work with a third-party company that develops pay-per-click advertising campaigns. The benefit of working with a third-party campaign is that it ensures your interests are being taken seriously by the company developing the campaign. That means that the campaign will run smoothly and your business will grow without worrying about making payments on every click.

One of the most important things you need to know before signing up with a White Label provider is that you should expect a return on your investment (RTR). You cannot just sign up with any old provider and expect your click prices to go down the toilet. It takes some time for White Label PPC to get going and therefore it's important to understand your ROI before investing time and money into it. Below are a few tips to help you better prepare for your White Label PPC client outcomes.

Understand the outcomes that you're expecting - There are different ways that your outcomes could end up. Some providers give you full ownership of how the PPC campaign is managed while others will hand the reins over to you after each pay period. When you hire a White Label PPC contractor, you're essentially paying for a service but you don't have to deal with all the responsibilities yourself. Just like any other relationship, you must understand what is expected of you and what you can do to deliver.

Know your turnaround time - Every white label ppc agency has a different turnaround time. You'll need to know how long before you can have full-time access to the partner's tools and data. This includes access to the partner's email list as well. Also, know how long you can spend in the office if there is an issue with your campaign. A reputable White Label PPC agency will make you aware of how much time you can expect to be absent from work. You don't want to blindly trust your contractor because of a promise of full-time access but at least you know if you can expect to be there a certain amount of time.

Get the necessary information - As much as you can, try to work with a White Label agency that will supply you with sufficient information about their current and past clients. This way, you can have an idea if they can deliver on time. For instance, how many of the last 10 clients were unable to complete their orders? How many of the last 100 clients are still waiting for their PPC campaigns to be launched? You need to know how reliable they are because after all, it is your money that is going into their hands. Make sure that you are truly working with a credible and reliable PPC partner.