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If you are a person who manages the stage lighting systems and staging services. Then this post is written for your knowledge giving you some specifications of the best lights that are best for a live performance of the artist. If you want to know about the best lighting LEDs then these LEDs’ specifications are described in the following three points. I have ranked according to my viewpoint which one I consider better. Your thought might be different from mine so you can select one of them or more for making your project shine. Lighting has so much effect that creates it and makes you feel amazing during a show or any other stage program. Here are described some LEDs and their specifications – 

  1. RGB 18LEDs –

This LED has 18 bulbs that can give you different colors as red, green, and blue, even the mixture of these colors can also be created. This LED comes with a remote so you can control it with the remote. Even though you can control with an app on your mobile, you can on or off the LED with this app and also can change the colors. Behind the LED you can change its settings to get more exposure and bright colors. The effect and trial can be done on the wall to see how this LED performs.

  1. Chauvet DJ D-fi Strip light –

This light is expensive in comparison to the previous one because it has more LED in a series, not the bulbs. The number of LEDs in this series are ten that create an amazing effect. This light uses D-fi compatibility which means you can connect your smartphone with these LEDs. One of the best things is that this light doesn’t require traditional control over it. And each LED can be controlled individually with your smartphone. If the lights are arranged very well then this can make a great effect. 

  1. ADJ Profile Plus LED Lighting –

This LED light is made by the ADJ company. This LED light has 5 bulbs inside it. The beam is made with 107 LEDs that give an amazing view. The LED also has UV color mixing that can be used to make a more efficient effect. The only drawback is that this UV light doesn’t move more than 16 inches. This LED is more efficient for the greater region to explore the light all over the place. LEDs also work in auto mode, fixed mode, powered angle mode, etc. 

A buyer wants to get more value of the product with his/her money. An artist or performer wants to get the best LEDs that can give more effective lighting. The best lighting equipment makes the program better than a simple program without lighting. High-quality lighting products have an amazing effect but they will be also more expensive. Lightning is a necessary thing that makes the public enjoy during the program. A better lighting will attract more people and will keep connected with it.