Why Viagra may not work for you

When you check online, you will get a lot of questions on why my Viagra pills are not working. These are all common occurrences which occur for a number of reasons. Begin by buying quality Viagra pills from certified sources because this is where people go wrong these days. You can spend a lot of money to get nothing in return or worse still get low quality pills which may not be functioning. While Viagra may be a good booster to your sexual performance, be ready for different side effects which could surface for you. In the meantime, the following are some of the common reasons why despite using CLONAZEPAM 2MG – 30 TABS, your performance may not improve.

Hoping it is cure
Viagra needs to be used for the right reasons only. While this discovery has helped a lot of men with their sexual lives, it can also be a cause for side effects. People that use Viagra pills understand well that it is not permanent treatment to their erectile dysfunction. Viagra pills can only work for you when you can develop an erection regardless of how mild or weak it could be. It is however a different case when you cannot afford an erection totally because these pills are boosters rather than the real medication to solving the problem. Over relying on them can also be dangerous because your body may lose its ability to develop natural erection unless you are on the pills.

Not following prescription guidelines
There are guidelines that are given to Viagra users depending on how many pills the doctor thinks you need. There are also other factors the determine dosages offered for instance your age and medical conditions you may be having. Over dosing can be dangerous because you could suffer from effects like painful long lasting erections. Under dosing can also affect the functionality of the pills you are using to boost your performance.

Poor timing
Timing of when to take the pills has to be precise if you planning to have sex soon. This is not to say you take it five hours before the act but rather an hour will be fine. You should give the pills enough time to be broken down, digested and absorbed into the system before they begin to function. The pills may not work if you take them now and have sex 10 minute slater hoping to get that super power. Proper timing can be lifesaving especially from the stubborn reactions that you may get long after your sex experience.

Too much food
Eating is a health process to nourish our bodies but when in excess, it can get in the way of how medication functions in your body. Beware of the content of food you eat if you want the pills to work faster because overeating cannot cut it for you. You can choose to eat later and just have the pills digested and absorbed faster for less time getting ready for the action. Too much food only slows down the digestive and absorption process of the pills.