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Learn The Pros And Cons Of A Crossdraw Holster


Gun holsters have different varieties according to their need, and one of the most popular among them is the crossdraw holster. These crossdraw holsters have been around us since the cowboy era when the people carried guns in holsters while riding horses. The holster received a fair share of criticism as people nowadays prefer more powerful and sophisticated holsters. However, crossdraw holster lovers proved that this holster is worth carrying even in present times. 


A crossdraw holster is a holster attached to the non-dominant side, and the person has to reach out with their dominant hand to the other side to get the gun. The way the handgun is retrieved suggests the appropriate name for the holster, a crossdraw. Carrying a crossdraw holster requires a lot of practice if you want to eliminate any chance of damaging the holster or escaping a dangerous situation. You can make a custom-made crossdraw holster and practice enough to avoid unwanted circumstances. 


There are also various types of crossdraw holsters having a unique purpose. However, we won't be getting into their categories. Instead, we will discuss the pros and cons of carrying a crossdraw holster in our article.


Read the article to know if you should carry a crossdraw holster or not by analyzing its pros and cons. 


Pros of carrying a crossdraw holster -


  • Crossdraw holsters are an excellent choice for people who spend most of their time in vehicles. And not only cars, but the crossdraw holsters are also best for any sitting position. The position of the crossdraw holster makes it easier for the person to draw their gun without any obstruction. The IWB or OWB holsters may not be as efficient as the crossdraw holsters as it lets the person draw their weapons as naturally as possible. 
  • One of the best things about crossdraw holsters is that you can easily conceal them. Many dominant side holsters are tough to hide from sight because of the gun print on the jacket. Sometimes bending over may reveal their presence. But the placement of the crossdraw holster keeps it hidden inside the outfit. 
  • Crossdraw holsters are also better for individuals who have gone through shoulder surgery, especially involving the rotator cuff. Getting the weapon from the dominant side can be difficult for such people, whereas drawing the gun from the crossdraw holder will be much easier.


Cons of carrying a crossdraw holster -


  • One of the noticeable disadvantages of the crossdraw holster is that anyone can disarm you from behind. But if your opponent is standing in front of you, you can counter their move. And if you are in a vehicle and face such a situation, it is less likely the opponent can reach your weapon from behind. 
  • Another noticeable disadvantage is the muzzle area coverage in the crossdraw holster. The muzzle has to cover a wide arch to reach the index pointing to the target.
  • The last obvious disadvantage of the crossdraw holster is that it is not suitable for some shooting ranges as the muzzle faces backward in the holster.