What Makes a Perfect Ring?

Perfection may mean different things to different people, but anything described as being “perfect” ought to make some appeal to others, too – this is the case with most fashion items. Taking a look at the product catalogs in jewelry stores like Black Diamonds New York or other stores in that class, you will understand that accessories such as rings come in varying designs. So, amidst the several options, what gives you insight into the ring that is perfect for you? The subsequent discourse in this article will be geared towards addressing this issue.




The perfect ring should have a design that makes a good appeal. The design is majorly highlighted by the cut – and maybe the color – of the band. There are yet different kinds of cut that can be adopted, and this may vary based on the type of gemstone used. For instance, with diamonds, one can get a ring reflecting cushion cut, round cut, emerald cut, and so on. It takes a craftsman who pays attention to details to deliver a finely cut diamond ring. It’s yet worth noting that a combination of cuts can be used in creating uniquely designed rings. Whichever cut you decide to go for should make a perfect option, provided you are dealing with a jeweler who knows his or her onions. That said, the color of the ring will also matter, and this is usually imposed by the type of metal that is being used. You can have a white or rose gold ring, and this can blend in with any diamond cut to bring about an attractive product.   




You cannot have a perfect ring without the right material, and this is not always just about quality alone. For one, a 24-carat gold (that is, pure gold) cannot be solely used in making a ring – despite being the purest and finest gold you can get. This is because it can be easily reshaped manually, and this may not augur with you. However, jewelers have often used 24-carat gold in combination with other metals like nickel, copper, silver, etc., to make rings. More so, gold with carat values of 18K and 14K is the most commonly used in making rings and other jewelry types. And, if you’re particular about getting a diamond ring, you will need to consider the clarity – along with the carat – of the material (that is, the diamond). A diamond’s clarity only goes to highlight the small imperfections that may be present on the jewelry diamond has been used in making – having a diamond ring with a VS1, or VS2 rating should be okay for a perfect ring.  




Since you may have your own definition of perfection, it may not be out of place to have your ring personalized in some ways. For instance, you can have the name of the love of your life engraved on your wedding ring – while your partner also has yours on his/hers. Having said that, you need not forget that the first factor to consider when in terms of personalizing a ring is the size of the ring. So, you consider this before being carried away by aesthetics.