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Top Two Trolling Motor Battery


An electric trolling motor requires batteries to function. Moreover, if you want to keep your boat going for hours, you'll need to find some good batteries. Various Trolling Motor Battery options are available for trolling motors. Batteries using lead-acid, absorption glass mat (AGM), and lithium-ion technology are the most popular types. There are benefits and drawbacks to using any of these battery options. If you need a new battery for your trolling motor, search for one that can last the entire day of fishing. There are plenty of options on the market that make that claim, but picking the best one can be difficult.

If you want to know what kind of battery will work best for your needs, all you have to do is some reading. AGM batteries and Lithium-ion batteries are two options to consider if you want high-quality power for a long time. However, lead-acid batteries are your best bet if you're on a budget without compromising quality.

The UP Group 12V 100Ah Replacement Battery

When it comes to producing high-quality batteries, Universal Power Group has a stellar reputation in the industry. Universal's UB121000 battery is a robust option for emergency power for trolling motors. The battery's bulky size is a major drawback. The battery weights around 64 pounds despite its impressive power output. That's a lot of weight to carry about, especially if you're elderly or have mobility issues. However, the number of backup power hours it provides more than makes up for this. You can use this battery for a wide variety of other purposes than trolling motors, including in recreational vehicles, fishing boats, and solar panels. For this reason, the UB121000 trolling motor battery can be considered among the most flexible of its kind. AGM construction, like that of the Weize battery, is included.

The UB121000 from Universal Power Group is another 100Ah battery option, similar to the aforementioned Weize model. When added to its 12V, this gives you enough of juice for your trolling motor. Never mistrust the UB121000's delivery if you have any doubts about batteries in general. Exactly as advertised, it fulfils its function.

The Weize FP12750 is a 12-volt, 75 amp-hour deep cycle battery.

The batteries that Weize produces are among the best in the world. Even though it only produces 75Ah of power, the FP12750 deep cycle trolling motor battery is of the same high quality as previous models of Weize batteries. It may lack the LFP12100's power output, but it still has several desirable features. You can see why it made the cut below. 

The Weize FP12750 rechargeable battery has many uses. The versatility of this fuel means it is not limited to usage in trolling motors. Equipment like solar batteries, electric scooters, emergency pumps, golf carts, etc., are all good examples. You can also use it to power portable tools, garden and lawn tools, medical equipment, toys, and plenty more.

There is a sealed AGM design available for the FP12750. Therefore, there is no risk of the battery spilling or leaking. It also suggests the battery is watertight, making it ideal for use in boats. You won't waste time on repairs because to the sealed construction. That's a lot of time spent draining the battery.