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Word docs are documents that permit alteration of content. They are read and write documents.

PDF files are document that do not permit the alteration of the main content.

Solid PDF tools
This is a 9.0 version of Solid pdf editor online. This version was created for Microsoft Windows and released in June 18, 2014. It uses the same technology as Acrobat X licensed by Adobe. It is a document remodeling software capable of converting PDFs into editable documents as well as being able to create PDF files from different file sources. The product is available in multiple languages. It is a proprietary commercial software developed by Solid Documents. It is able to convert PDFs into Microsoft word, Rich text format, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and HTML.

Characteristics of Solid PDF tools

• It is able to recognize columns.
• It is able to extract headers, footers and image graphics.
• It supports the extraction of certain texts.
• It permits the converting of more than one PDF documents at the same time.
• It is able to decrease the size of a PDF file. This feature enhances the transfer of the file for various sizes.
• It places custom watermarks on PDFs.
• It permits the conversion of PDF documents into searchable and storable PDF/A1b files that are consistent.
• It is able to detect hyperlinks.
• It permits the recovery of text markup.

Usability of PDF files

PDF files' ability to restrict alteration makes it very useful in so many ways. Business owners are more prone to use PDF files for their businesses than word documents. This is reliant on the fact that PDF files retain their content no matter what. They are precise and do not lose their original message.

The court of law demands that documents presented do not leave any electronics print of alteration. PDF files perfectly fit this criterion as they are not able to accommodate change at all, hence, no electronic print of alteration can be seen. Therefore, PDFs are the predominantly used documents for presentation of information in the court of law.

Sites that post online content also do make use of PDF files and not word documents. Word documents could be altered by dubious individuals and this could affect the integrity of the site. However, PDF files help the site owner retain the original content of the post without any form of alteration.

Some mild changes can be made to PDF files though, changes like watermark imprints and rearrangement of pages. No major change can be made to PDF files without converting it. Users convert PDF files to accommodate change because of likely typo errors or other adjustments needed. They convert it to word documents that allow flexible control of images, insertion of tables, change in phrases, change in font style & size, change in layouts and so much more. PDF convertersare employed for this purpose. The converters make it easy to change PDFs to word documents. There are various converters for this purpose and can be found online.