leather shoulder holsters

Benefits of Leather Shoulder Holsters

Gun holsters are convenient tools that are available in different types. We have different choices for these based on the type of gun and its concealment. Talking about convenience, leather shoulder holsters are probably the first thing coming into most reader’s minds. Well, though concealment is the prominent part, there are a lot of benefits from these holders. The following information delineates some prevalent advantages of leather shoulder holsters in the present day. 

Perks of using Leather Shoulder Holsters: 

As mentioned above, leather shoulder holders are one most convenient in every possible way. Here are some advantages of a shoulder holster in modern times. 


The best thing about any leather shoulder holster is its ability to conceal. Whenever you do not want your opponents to know that you are armed or if you don’t want to scare people around you, concealing your gun is the best way. Other holsters require special equipment for this purpose. But if you are wearing a shoulder holster, you can just wear anything like a jacket, and it is done! No wonder why it is the first choice whenever concealment is the thing! 

Another aspect of concealment is the way of doing it. Your clothing has a considerable impact on the holster’s concealment. In most cases, if you are wearing slimmer clothing or using a normal holster, it might be inconvenient to wear it for long. Moreover, others can easily get an idea about your concealing. If that happens, it is all a waste, right? If you wear a leather shoulder concealer, you don’t have to worry about any of these. 


Shoulder holsters provide easy access to your weapon. Instant access is a game-changer, especially if you are concealing your weapons. Other holsters may become firm and have a hard time releasing the gun in the time of need. What is the point of concealing the weapon if you cannot pull it out in time? Well, this is nowhere a problem for a leather shoulder holster. You can easily take your gun out from this holster. 

Types of Weapons: 

Any shoulder holster comes with the flexibility of holding guns of different sizes. As in, a leather shoulder holster is available in three different types. They are as follows: 

  • Horizontal holster – this is a holster that holds the guns in the horizontal position. It works the best for guns with short barrels like handguns. 
  • Vertical holster – here, the gun’s position is vertically upwards or downwards. So, there are two variants of vertical holsters. This is useful to hold guns with long barrels. 
  • 45-degree holster – a 45-degree holster is the mix-up of the above two. Here, the gun positions at a 45-degree angle. This works for guns with medium-length barrels. 

As we can see, shoulder holsters can accommodate most gun types. Moreover, these provide an even weight distribution reducing the burden on a single side. 

Apart from these, another huge advantage with any leather shoulder holster is the additional space for carrying extra magazines. It comes with two holsters, one for your gun and the other for the magazines.