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Mens wedding collection: Styles You Can Wear To A Wedding


It's time to find the perfect outfit for that upcoming wedding. Whether you're attending as a guest or part of the bridal party, your choice in mens wedding collection can either make or break the day. That's why we're sharing our favorite styles and outfits to wear to a wedding so you can nail it from head to toe. 


Whether you prefer a more formal look for the ceremony or something more laid back for the reception, we have outfit ideas for all kinds of weddings so you can choose what feels right to you.



Dress For The Occasion


Whether it's a weekend wedding or an especially important milestone, there's nothing better than a kickass outfit. Just think about a perfect wedding, and you'll have a better idea of what you want to wear.


Pastels: Pastel hues are always elegant, elegant, elegant. Throw a pastel dress on top of any pastel accessories and you're instantly transformed into a bride. You'll look amazing no matter the season.


Denim: A denim outfit is a look you can easily pair with pastel accessories for a beautiful, sweet look. A lighter denim hue, like white or baby blue, makes for a timelessly stunning piece.



Suit Up


Although the more formal styles aren't for everyone, they can be a nice option for a formal occasion such as a wedding. For a classic mens wedding collection black-tie wedding, a black tuxedo is the perfect option and can instantly change your whole look. 


If you're opting to wear a black tie to a cocktail wedding, a black tailored suit is the way to go and makes a statement when paired with a crisp white dress shirt and an interesting patterned tie. If you want to stay on theme, opt for a light-colored suit so the color pop instead of blending into the background.


Wearing a black suit or tuxedo is perfect for a formal wedding, but it's also easy to wear these in everyday life. You could always mix and match a jacket and tie with your favorite pair of jeans for a fresh, new look.



Casual Elegance


Whether you're attending a rehearsal dinner, meeting up with your best friends for brunch, or attending a friend's wedding, you can never go wrong with a look that shows off your masculinity and personality. 



Deciding On The Right Look for You


Wedding wear can get overwhelming, especially when you're looking for something to wear for your best friend's wedding. These two styles work so well together because they feel effortless and truly make the bride's day special. 


A low-back sleeveless dress or a sleek jumpsuit will both take your outfit from day to night, and the gold accents will stand out against the bride's white dress.



Outfit Ideas For All Kinds of Weddings


One of the best parts about an upcoming wedding is that you get to decide what you wear. This is an especially good time to try new styles that you may not have thought of before. 


For instance, a soft white button-down with a whimsical detail on the pocket might not feel very wedding-y, but if you pair it with a light-colored skirt with a floral pattern, it will look more wedding-appropriate.