faith based recovery programs

Why Do faith based recovery programs have Such a Strong Track Record of Success?

When it comes down to it, treatment for substance misuse based on religious beliefs and treatment that is not based on religious beliefs share many of the same traits in common. Both of these facilities use innovative treatment programmes and the most recent technological breakthroughs to ensure that patients are protected and ready to engage in long-term recovery. On the other hand, the most significant difference is that faith based recovery programs use spirituality to lead patients through the process of healing the underlying issues that have contributed to their addiction. 


Because of these programmes, patients experience a considerable reduction in stress, which contributes to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to the speedy and complete recovery of their conditions. When you have God or some other higher power, the weight of the stress is instantly dispersed across your entire body in a more even manner.  Coming to terms with the fact that everyone has a role in God's plan is another crucial component of spiritual recovery. People can rebuild their confidence due to this, which might provide them with the incentive they require to avoid returning to their previous behaviours. Consequently, individuals have reported that they feel better equipped to recover from their injuries and continue with their lives. You will not only need to recover from your addiction outside of the addiction treatment CENTER, but you will also need to recover from your addiction while you are there.


This is a significant point of differentiation between the two. Although all alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes have the same objective of supporting individuals in sobriety following treatment, the only recovery programmes that utilise a higher power to give people the strength to remain sober are spiritual. How come this tactic has been so successful? Because the message that is conveyed through faith based recovery programs may be associated with everyone. Regardless of their religion, practice or background, everyone can understand the message that they are loved and that they matter, even if they have experienced trauma in their past.


  • The clinical and medical personnel is aware of how important a Christian faith is to the healing process. 
  • Came to Believe is a faith based recovery programs substance abuse rehabilitation programme that is offered continuously at our treatment facility. 
  • As soon as you make the choice to receive addiction treatment, you will be questioned on your interest in participating in this particular rehabilitation programme.
  • You will become familiar with addiction recovery using a biblical basis through participation in the Came to Believe programme, which is a faith-based rehabilitation CENTER.


 It will make arrangements with local pastors to provide you with pastoral counselling as part of your addiction treatment programme if that is something you express an interest in. Our primary clinical therapist is a Christian who specialises in providing biblical counselling for those who struggle with addiction. The Christian patients who come to our drug rehab can take advantage of an integrated programme that integrates the rituals of their faith based recovery programs with the therapeutic work done on their addiction.