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Tips to have an advantage in Call of duty: Warzone


You would be familiar with the availability of various warzone hacks out there that can help you simplify your gaming experience. But it is always advisable to know the basics of the game to take advantage of situations. You can succeed in a warzone by following some strategies. Let us discuss some of the things you should beware of and follow to be successful in the Call of duty: warzone. 


 Choose the right map.


At the beginning of the game, you will see a plane dropping you. You have to click on the map screen to see what are all the locations available and what places are crowded and remote. If you feel comfortable landing in a crowded zone and kill everyone with your skills or train yourself to do so, you can select a crowded map with the shrinking gas. Some players will wish to go to a remote map and search for high-end equipment and loots. These players can do so by choosing a place with no or a few opponents. Looking for the map before dropping is vital to get a sense of the condition out there and get ready for the gameplay.


Use your chute wisely.


Everyone will be dropping from the cargo plane with a parachute. To get to the ground as soon as possible, you can trick with cutting and popping the chute on different occasions as you want. It is advisable to jump with the parachute popped up, and after some time, you should cut your chords to fall swiftly. Again, just before the landing, you can pop your parachute for a safe landing. When you cut your chords, you would have some time to take your starting pistol to be ready for an attack as you step into the warzone. So, if you know to strategically use your chute, you would have an advantage over other players. 


Use your cash wisely.


Call of duty: Warzone is based on an in-game cash economy. You will be earning cash by completing several tasks, killing others, and much more. This cash will help buy various equipment like UAVs and other high-end pistols from the buy station. You can find these buy stations here and there on your map. It is advisable to buy these weapons as you pass by a buy station with your money and do not store your money as you do in real life. There is no point in accumulating cash in a warzone, simply to hoard it. Also, you would have to spend $4000 if your teammate is dead and lost the one-on-one fight in the Gulag also, to revive him back to the game. So, if your usage of cash is wise, you can see better results. 


Use contracts wisely.


Fortunately, the game contains cash-providing actions known as contracts. You would find several types of contracts that will reward you with varying amounts of cash upon completion. Some of these contracts are bounties, scavenger, recon, most wanted, and supply runs.