UK competitions

Win Eight Hilarious Books in Competition

Who has not heard of Pamela Butchart! The award-winning author? In this UK competitions, you can get the chance to win 8 Wigglesbottom Primary books that are full of humour and are published by Becka Moor. Yes! You read that right!  All these books are written by Pamela Butchart herself and this can be the ideal way to shift the focus of your children from picture books to chapter-based books. 

There is hardly anyone who has not heard of the Wigglesbottom primary books. All the eight books of this series can be won without even investing single money. In case you do not know the name of the books that belong to the Wigglesbottom Primary series, they are,

  1. The Toilet Ghost
  2. The Magic Hamster
  3. The Classroom Cat
  4. Break-time Bunnies
  5. Super Dog
  6. The Talking Lamb
  7.  Dino Chick

All the books mentioned above are a treat to every reader. The story of each book is different and unique in its own right. The main readers of these books are children who belong to the age between 5 and 7 years old. The entire events and online competitions are organized by the BookTrust foundation.

However, before thinking about winning the competition, there are a few terms and conditions which a player has to follow. There are no voucher codes or other offers that can play the part of exception in these terms. The rules that are set by the BookTrust organization are: -

Terms and Condition- 

  1. The minimum age for an individual to participate in this competition is 18 years old. Anyone below the minimum age criteria will not be able to join.
  2. Only the residents of the United Kingdom are eligible to join this competition, i.e., England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland
  3. No employees of this organization can participate in this competition. Even the relatives of the employees are prohibited from giving their names. 
  4. Each person can give his name only once in this competition.
  5. The last day for submitting the names is 21st march, 2022.
  6. The winners will be selected on a random basis. No partiality will be done in choosing the winner of this competition.
  7. After the announcement of the winner, if he or she is unable to respond within a week, he will lose the chance of getting these books. Instead, a new winner of this competition will be announced a week after that. 
  8. The organization will not hand over the prizes to any other person coming as a substitute or replacement of the winner. 
  9. Cash prizes will not be given. 
  10. The prizes will be sent via post. However, the participants should be aware of the fact that if the prize gets lost, broken, or stolen after proper delivery, the TrustBook organization would not take any responsibility.
  11. While giving the name for this competition, the participants will be accepting the terms and conditions set by this organization.