numbing cream

Things You Must Know About Numbing Cream

Given today’s rise in beauty and cosmetic treatments, it is no surprise that the need for pain relievers is high. It creates work for numbing creams to help you relieve the pain, but at the same time stay cautious of its side effects, and overuse. This article focuses on various aspects of numbing cream.


What is a numbing cream?

A numbing cream is a medical formulation that alleviates your pain by desensitizing your skin and blocking your respective nerves for pain suppression. It makes the work of a doctor easier since he won’t have to local anesthesia on you, and the treatment will still go smoother and quicker with you wide awake.


Active ingredients in a numbing cream

The main active ingredient of numbing cream is Lidocaine that works in reducing the pain and completely alleviates it. It is found in most of the numbing cream formulas with Benzocaine that works on specific areas inside your body. These two are the major constituents of a numbing cream with Tetracaine that helps the numbness to last longer. There are several other ingredients too, such as Dibucaine and Pramoxine found in very small amounts for specific purposes.


Side effects of a numbing cream

You can easily experience swelling, redness, itching, drowsiness, heavy breathing, blurred vision, hives, and similar problems while using a numbing cream. Your skin may also turn white and form patches like rashes due to allergic reactions, which make your heart rate go up. These symptoms are not normal, so if you experience anything, seek medical help immediately.


Precautions while using a numbing cream

You need to follow the instructions given on the cream. It includes avoiding contact with eyes, nose, mouth, wounds, injuries, scratches, or other open areas. Keep the cream out of the reach of children and away from heat and direct sunlight. Also, make sure the numbing cream you buy is not past its expiration date. Still, if anything happens contact your doctor.




  • Does numbing cream relieve pain? 

Yes, numbing creams are formulated to relieve your pain and calm your skin after the harsh and painful treatments. These creams soothe the pain by blocking the sodium channels on the nerves; so that they can’t send pain signals to the skin. This way you won’t feel any sensation on your skin and would get the treatments done quicker. Before every minor surgery and tattoo, you need to use a numbing cream for your exposed skin.


  • Are numbing creams safe for children?

Yes, there are plenty of numbing creams that are safe for your children and don’t harm their skin in any way. It is common to use a numbing cream whenever your child has to get a needle poked or vaccinated. But still, there are certain safety methods you must follow. It includes not applying any cream on the wounds, scratches, and only at the site. Always use a small amount of the cream, and remember to avoid any contact with the mouth, eyes, or nose.