Golden teacher mushroom

Learning Something Important About Golden Teacher Mushroom

Golden teacher mushroom is a magic mushroom strain and it is harvested from P cubensis. Also, it is called GT shrooms and was discovered in the year 1980s and still, it has maintained its value among people globally and is a top choice for most people.

Well, the exact point of its origination is still top-secret but it is outstandingly for its elegant appearance. The color of it is light brown and yellow with a golden cap on its top.

The size of the Golden teacher mushroom cap is 20mm to 80mm in diameter. It is having a fruiting body with a distinctly curved cap adorned with a yellow and golden center. Beneath the caps, there are closely spaced gills with a gray shade that gets darkened when ages. It turns black when matures.

GT’s psychedelic effects-

Golden teacher mushroom is having mild effectiveness and that is the reason for their growing recognition worldwide. This makes it ideal for all lovers of shrooms which also include newbies.

GT is one of the finest gateways for beginners to explore the psychedelic world because its mild nature lessens the risk of unpleasant excursions. The experienced can also leverage the maximum distinct effects for the memorable psychedelic experience.

 A few golden teacher mushroom common effects are giddiness or lightness, strong emotions, enhanced colors, and visual distortions.

The reason why it is named GT is that it provides a discerning and revelatory experience. Those effects last for a longer time after the use.

Gold cap effects are beyond casual or mere feelings and are also popular for the shamanic and pious experience.


The right dose for Golden teacher mushroom varies from user to user. You need to consider the level of experience and weight. Another crucial thing is each individual’s result that can be fair, powerful, or light. The dose can be computed through a general psilocybin dose recommendation.

For newbie micro dose to mild dose need to be ideal. It ranges from 0.25g to 5g of dried shrooms. On the other hand, more than 2g to 5g will create an overjoyed the gallant, powerful psychedelic experience.

Based upon the experiences as well as body composition, a high dose can launch a user into a complete hallucinogenic mystical experience. You may be misplaced in the atmosphere and have synaesthesia experience, seeing sounds and tasting shades.

It is good to make a note that exceeding doses are random suggestions and is not necessary that it will work favorably for all. Thus it is good to try the minimum possible dose especially if it’s the first time a person is consuming Golden teacher mushroom. This will keep all users on a safe platform.

It is good to buy or to grow at home?

The correct answer to this question is based on who is asking the question. Cultivating golden teacher mushroom would be a better option for some, considering its trouble-free farming method and adaptive nature in any atmosphere. That is the reason why it is common to see GT shrooms advertised by many sellers. Placing the order online to buy those is protected, straightforward and diplomatic.