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Dodge, a brand that has always attracted people in the earlier times. Nowadays, there are many cars under the Dodge brand that has been sold in Dodge dealer Atlanta.

The names Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger are the names that were immensely popular for their power. These are the type of cars that are being sold in different Dodge dealers in Atlanta. In this article, we will see the sale of Dodge vehicles in a particular dealer site.

On the dealer side, the vehicles sold are under the new model and make of the Dodge series. It is available for different prices under different models. The prices rise for all the Dodge vehicles considering various factors. When selling the used cars, there are Dodge vehicles of all the years starting from the 2014 model.

Just like how the Ram series has benefitted from different offers and deals, the Dodge series has also gained offers that are appreciated by the customers. The similar offers which apply to all the other type of vehicles are given to the Dodge series. Similar procedures like how the deal is made with the other vehicles are applied over here.

Dodge vehicles seen in the dealership are less in number compared to the number of other branded vehicles that can be seen. The specials under the new manager specials apply only to the 2020 Dodge Challenger and 2020 Dodge Journey. The 2016 Dodge Dart SE has special offers under the used manager special.

There are offers promoted for used vehicles and can be sold under 15K Dollars where many Dodge vehicles are being sold. Though the models sold were limited, the models were available under the new and the used categories.

What are the models that are available under the Dodge series?
1. Dodge Challenger
2. Dodge Charger
3. Dodge Dart
4. Dodge Journey
5. Dodge Durango
6. Dodge Grand Caravan

What are the specialties of Dodge as a family car?
If we consider family cars under the Dodge series, it should be the Dodge Journey series, Dodge Durango series, and the Dodge Grand Caravan series. There are four main things one needs to focus on when considering these three types of vehicles:

1. The seating space: All three types of vehicles have seating space arranged for a 4-5 family member to be seated comfortably.
2. Storage space: The storage space is spacious that helps in loading cargos. This is done by folding the third fold in the back.
3. Entertaining the back seaters: During any long rides, it is easy for us to get bored just by looking outside for a very long time. The vehicles have grown with time which uses convenient technologies for entertaining.
4. Making sure of safety: Children are the most important people in our life. So the safety of the children is also expected to be very high. The Dodge vehicle series have come up with advanced safety technologies to keep everyone safe.

The Dodge series, even though have limited opportunities now, they have done a great job in being one of the most amazing vehicles for people of all categories.