Learn How To Use Your Universal Giftcard Safely


Universal giftcard is becoming popular with the increase in digitized presents, which is a safer and more convenient way of presenting gifts or benefaction. Gift cards that are widely accepted all over the world, which can accept a deposit in any currency and convert it to the recipient’s resident currency is the main feature of universal gift cards. Let us see how to securely use such gift cards and save ourselves from any fraud.

What Types Of Giftcards Can Be Used?

Universalgiftcard need not have to be of only one purpose. It can be specially curated based on the occasion where you want to gift and whom you want to gift it. In corporate companies and businesses, employers can gift their employees on festivals, client appreciations, deals, and any other good times, they can reward their members with corporate reward gift cards, incentive gift cards, and can be used as cash backs.

Gift cards can also be purchased for occasions and festivals such as new year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and many other regional festivals based on your employee's native and you can win their hearts. For birthdays, and anniversaries also you can gift these cards and make them memorable.

How To Use This Giftcard?

Using a universal giftcard is similar to using a debit or credit card. There can be both digital and physical gift cards with CVV number, expiration date, and also a card number of 12 to 16 digits approximately. Firstly, signup and raise a request for gift card creation. Login into the website that is offering the giftcard service, with your card number and an OTP mentioned as in your mail or physically delivered with a letter. Once you log in, you can find the option to activate your card. You can choose between an e-card or a physical card and depending on it, the process to login and activation of the card process varies.

During activation, personal details are stored for verification purposes and once activation is done, the card will be ready for loading the balance and making transactions

How To Keep Your Gift Card Safe?

Just like how we keep our debit, and credit cards, gift cards should also be maintained carefully. When you are about to present this universal giftcard, make sure that the card number and other confidential details are shared only between you and your host to whom you are giving this gift. Do not share anywhere in public, even verbally. Keep it as safe as you keep your banking details. While logging to retail websites and doing payments using giftcards, ensure your internet connection is stable and secured with WPA wifi security or with a hotspot of the renowned sim. Any open connection may not follow data encryption protocols leading to data leaks and your transaction details and money spent may go into the wrong hands.

There are one-time use cards and also reusable cards which can be recharged and used for occasions. Rechargeable gift cards are specifically useful for employees as they can get credited with gift amounts, and bonuses and can use them as long as they are with the organization.