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                                                                        Gain Instagram Followers Organically

Instagram has grown to be one of the most influential social media platforms over time. So much so that Facebook bought it in April of 2012 for $1billions.

Quick Introduction Of The App:
It began as a photo-sharing application. It was meant to be a platform to share pictures, for the pure joy of sharing them. No bells or strings attached.

As time went on, this application grew exponentially in terms of usage and popularity. To this day this app remains famous for people that we refer to as “social media influencers”.

Larger companies started using this platform as a method of reaching out to people and spreading the word, almost like a newspaper advertisement.

Instagram followers are the people that follow your account. The higher the number of Instagram followers more the engagement with your feed. This is the basic strategy for being ‘popular’ on Instagram.

Strategies To Earning Followers :
There are a few common things to remember to earn followers on this platform:

• Putting up a post consistently: Posting a story is a must. Although the stories disappear after 24 hours, it does exponentially increase the reach of an account. Other than that, putting up posts for the feed is equally as important. Consistent posting has shown positive results.

• Creating engaging content: If the content on your page does not resonate with the users on Instagram, your follower count will dwindle. Creating a niche is a good idea for content creators.

• Interact with your followers: Engaging in small conversations in the comment section or occasionally answering at least a few direct messages will massively impact the users’ image of your account. It is almost as if showing that you care about the followers that you have. A nice gesture is all that it takes.

• Keep up with the latest trends: The Instagram algorithm will push whatever is getting more clicks and likes. Joining the bandwagon does not have to be a bad thing. Creating unique content is just as important as reaching out to the mass by creating something that is in demand.

• Use SEO-friendly hashtags: Having relevant hashtags under the post will inevitably increase the engagement on the post. It can not be stressed enough, that hashtags are a feature that the algorithm promotes. It is necessary for there to be relevant hashtags for it to reach as many users as possible.

An Easy Answer
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