Knowing a little about the development of vapers

Vaping has come a long way since its inception back in 2003. However, there is one type of device that arguably has changed vaping and is currently dominating the market: the Pod. In the beginning, Pods used to be the favorite of vapers who were taking their first steps and who were looking for something without many complications. Today, users of all kinds choose these devices for their size, power, versatility and the large number of models to choose from.

When the first electronic cigarettes arrived, the type of models to choose from was quite limited. They used to be small, underpowered devices with low levels of flavor, vapor, and throat hit. As this world progressed, the Mods arrived, also known as Box Mods, which had a multitude of options in addition to having variable power, which allowed these models a greater flavor and vapor vapor. The problem was that they used to be more complex devices and less suitable for newcomers to vaping. This is what led manufacturers to design something compact, lightweight but capable of being satisfactory for all types of vapers.

Possibly the first brand to innovate in this sense was Juul back in 2015, a brand little known in Spain but with which it has had great relevance in the United States and in other countries. Later similar designs began to arrive and brands put their efforts in innovating in this type of device.

The evolution of Pods

In the early days of pods, cartridges used to be closed, pre-filled, and single-use. The advantage of this type of cartridge is its simplicity and low maintenance, although it greatly limited the choice of flavors and nicotine concentrations, in addition to requiring many refills for those more intense vapers.

The manufacturers' focus was on getting devices that adapt to all types of vapers, comfortable and simple devices like a Pod, but with greater autonomy and more power. The first Pods had a range of around 450mAh, and currently the normal thing is that they are around - or even exceed - twice that battery. Along with that greater autonomy came the increase in power, and not only in a fixed power as happened with the first, but with variable power as if it were a mod.

Who are Pods made for?

Currently there are Pods for any type of vape. Possibly it will depend more on the vaping style that you like the most and which is the model that best suits it, if you are interested it is time for you to visit

If you are taking your first steps in vaping, you plan to buy your product at directvape, the normal thing is that you are looking for something simple, comfortable and economical. At first, the normal thing is that you do not want to carry cans of liquid with you and constantly refill the tank. Thus, a good option would be a Pod with disposable cartridges (with integrated resistance) and low power, whose battery lasts all day. At the beginning, especially if you have just quit smoking, it is normal that you look for some liquid with nicotine

If you are an intermediate vaper and already have some experience, you will surely be looking for something with a little more power. Almost every vaper starts with simple mouth-to-lung vaping devices. Little by little curiosity tends to arrive and a more advanced vaping is usually sought, a more personalized experience that provides us with a greater flavor and, sometimes, also a higher amount of vapor. There are many Pod-type devices that can offer us these types of features.

For the advanced

Finally, if you are already an advanced vaper, surely you know everything about mods and even have more than one device depending on the occasion. You may even have gotten into the world of mechanical mods, repairable atomizers, and even creating your own resistors. This is undoubtedly the most personalized vaping and with which you get a unique experience, but let's face it, it is very difficult to always carry all the elements you require.