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PDFSimpli- Best Free PDF Converter

Portable Document or PDF is a file format developed in 1993 by Adobe. This file format is created to store any text, document, or image in PDF format. Also, one can easily share the PDF document across many devices as it supports cross-platform. But, the issue with PDF is that you can’t edit or manipulate the information in PDF documents directly.

In order to manipulate or edit the data/ information in the PDF, you need to change the PDF to the Word file format. After changing, you can change the word and convert it to PDF to reflect the changes.

There are many free pdf converters available on the Internet. But most of them support short-size PDF documents. You can’t convert or edit huge size PDF documents. And some of the free pdf converters use and share their user data with third-party sources without their permission, which violates their user’s privacy.

If you are searching for a free pdf converter online which is trustable and reputable, then PDFSimpli is the best option for you. PDFSimpli is one of the most trustable and reputable PDF converter sites present on the Internet. You can convert a PDF document of any size within seconds by using their free & fast tools.

PDFSimpliis known for its unique features and services. You can edit your document, add digital signatures to your document for free. Additional notable features are included with a monthly subscription starting at $1 only. They offer many customizations and papers so that you wouldn’t require any other software or application for editing.

Why prefer PDFSimpli over others?

The main question arising in your mind will be, “ why to prefer PDFSimpli over other online converters ?” The answer to this question is mentioned below-

No need to become a professional

To use this software, you don’t need to become a technically sound person or professional. Even a person with zero technical skills and knowledge can use this tool to convert PDF files to word documents.

No Installation Required

You didn’t need to install any extensions, applications, or add-ons on your device or browser to use the software. You can easily use this tool online with the help of your standard Internet connection.

Unique Features

There are a lot of unique features available on their website. After becoming a member by signing up, you get access to all full-fledged features. Also, you can add eSignatures and images to your document using PDFSimpli.

Quick & Easy Conversions

Your document will be converted to another file format within some seconds. You are just a few clicks away from your converted document. Within two clicks, your document will be converted to your desired file format.

No Limitation

There is no limitation for converting documents online on PDFSimpli. You can access your document from Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, or DropBox and convert it using PDFSimpli. Also, PDFSimpli works perfectly with laptops, PC and smartphones. Get your PDFSimpli account and convert your document now.