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When it comes to legacies, none match the extremely impressive one built by Henry Ford. He was the founder of the Ford Motor Company. He is also credited for having invented the first vehicle mass assembly line in the world. He was also known for the kind treatment his employees enjoyed an extremely fair pay to support that.

He along with his company brought easy four-wheel transport to the masses. They also made vehicles that were extremely dependable and affordable to the common folks. Ford has an everlasting impact not only stretching to the car industry but also on the world at large.

Leading models over the years:
Over the years, the Ford company has been a little too good with multiple car models. With some of them being truly exceptional pieces coming out of the production lines. Let’s take a look at some of the greatest cars ever made by Ford.
• Ford Model T:
This car dominated the market from 1908-1927. It was the first car to be mass-manufactured as it was the first car to ever become a best seller. It was most importantly sturdy and dependable. Even when it first came out, it was cheaper than the other options out there. The prices dropped with the increase in volumes.
• Ford Thunderbird:
The Ford Thunderbird was first launched in 1955 and quickly rose to become a symbol of status and chic. It was known for its less aggressive styling and extremely comfortable and sumptuous interiors.
• Ford Mustang:
The ford mustang was an immediate classic it was praised and loved for its unique look and began to represent a certain kind of style. It was among the earliest American Muscle cars that rose to star status with its multiple appearances in movies. The horse galloping on its front became immediately recognizable.
• Ford GT40:
It saw the roads between 1964-1969. It was inarguably Ford’s greatest ever race car to ever come out.
• Ford Escort:
This car had quite a long life of its own. It was released in 1968 and stayed in production right up till 2002. They were a heavily popular car in Europe and quickly became a middle-class family’s go-to.
• Ford Transit:
It is hard to overstate the significance of the Ford Transit. It has played multiple roles in its still active life. It has gone from being a breakdown vehicle to being an ambulance to being a mini fire truck, to be used as a police van, you name it.
• Ford Crown Victoria:
In its life from 1979 to 2012, it has earned itself the reputation of being the toughest cars on the US roads. Even today it can be spotted as most of the typical yellow cabs in New York City.

Ford dealer inland empire:

Even today, ford manufactures some of the best-selling cars on US roads. They maintain their reputation for obvious reasons. Here, we Ford dealer inland empire offer some of the best car models produced by Ford currently. Along with the sturdy vehicles that we sell, we also offer amazing service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.