free serp checker


Several people have adopted paid advertisements for their websites. It is a faster and paid means of ranking high on search engine result pages. Other methods of gaining user's attention are maps, videos, knowledge panels, and featured snippets.

The search engine result pages have become competitive as a result of the many marketing strategies that have been introduced. The organic searches that are meant to rank high have been forced down as a result of these featured snippets, media elements, maps, and advertisements. All these are categorized as position zero.

They are termed position zero because they outrank results that are meant to top the search list. The zero-click searches are sites that appear directly on the SERP without any further searches being made.

The main aim of the free keyword position checker is to ensure that page one is well optimized and there is great traffic on that page. It is a way of ensuring that the page reaches more audiences and appears more. The idea is to ensure that regardless of position zero, the domain still appears on page one, and traffic is still generated.


You must define a target page and your target search terms when choosing your keyword. There is a need to improve your analysis when it comes to search engine optimization. Asides from reviewing; search terms, keyword difficulty, monthly search volumes, You should consider the following during your analysis.
● media elements
● decreased click-through rate for organic search.
● presence of snippets,

This implies that when you are deciding on your keywords, the click-through rate should also be put in mind. Some tools often add traffic potential factors. Sometimes, a search may have a great volume and end up nothing having any click. More reasons why you should make analyses in line with the potential of it being clicked. This is when you have chances of having a great click-through rate.


In optimizing your website for featured snippets, the SERP tracker free checks your organic ranks and checks for target keywords. The featured snippet ensures that users have a detailed answer without having to lick further.

The featured snippets are of four types. They are; lists, text, video, and tables. Take a look at the type of featured snippet for every keyword. Optimizing for featured snippets is by adding keyword terms.


You can run advertisements based on how you want. This makes it very easy for potential users that are searching for your brand by just clicking. Ensure your ad space is very difficult to be copied. Note that the advertisements on a search engine must be for your brand name.

Ensure that all the necessary fields are correctly filled and you can also add other important information. You can also add your social media platforms for the users to click on and see other information about your sites. For the social media identities to show on the search engine, there is a need for verification.