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Knowing more about progressive jackpots

pg slot world do have progressive jackpots too. So if you want to be a mega millionaire, it might be good to play on the progressive jackpots. They have been a part of the slot experience for quite a long time. It was first created by IGT, who came up with the Megabucks in 1986 that can turn anyone into a millionaire.

The megabucks are a slot game that is networked with about 750 machines in 136 casinos in Las Vegas. You don’t have to walk into the actual doors of the casino in order to get involved in this type of jackpot. For the online casinos, there is the MegahMollah, the Wheel of Fortune and other options which are available for players to play online on tablets and smartphones while on the move.

Progressive jackpots, just as the name suggests, have a top prize that keep increasing and are tied into the amount of betting volume. There is a small percentage of every wager that ends up going into building the pot and the longer it doesn’t get claimed, the bigger it becomes.

There happens to be two jackpots available:

• Standalone: It is a one off games that a portion of the bets goes into increasing the grand prize for that game alone.
• In house progressives:They are the type which happen to be common in the live casinos and have linked machines but they are only inhouse and not in a large network of the casino.
• Network:It is where most of the money happens to come from because, the slots that are networked in various locations whether in person or via the casinos to come up with the bigger prize pool via many players interaction.

Slots tend to pay big
When talking about the disadvantages and advantages of playing slots, one of the main benefits is the potential of a big payout. It is possible for the slots to have a large casino edge, but they also tend to provide some of the high rewards through games that are networked. There are millions of dollars which are won in large jackpots both online and live casinos.

You shouldn’t disregard the small payouts
There are some handful massive payouts, but a majority of the payouts are handful. The availability will solely depend on the iCasino and the software that is used with every company using a different one. You can find these types of slots games through the jackpot link on the online websites for the casino.

You then will have to go through the games; the current payouts should be posted there too. The small payouts don’t only apply on the top prizes because some games tend to have more than one level of jackpot. Like for the Mega Fortune, it has a Major, Rapid, and Mega Prize. Each 1% of bets go into funding the Rapid, 1% for the Major, and 5% for the Mega Prize.

It is no longer for slots only
There are several slot games which tend to stand out especially for the players who are regular and aware of the games that are top paying. But you have to also know that, other casino games do provide progressive payouts too.