vitamin C serum

All You Need to Know About Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C has numerous potential benefits to your skin and body in general. It not only brightens dark spots but also helps to protect against harmful ultraviolet damage. However, the type of serum you choose and how you apply and store it can potentially affect how much benefit you acquire from its use.

According to a dermatologist at a medical center in Santa Monica, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, brightens dark spots, and blocks free radicals from the climate, UV radiation, and pollution.

With time, the free radicals harm the skin, resulting in premature aging, and increase the chances of getting skin cancer. For these reasons, protecting your skin against UV radiation is paramount.

However, certain vitamin C formulations are not as effective as required. Others can cause skin irritation and breakouts. It is essential to go through the label on a product carefully most especially if you have sensitive skin.

Here are a few expert tips to help you through your choice of vitamin C serum for your skin;

Use the Correct Concentration of vitamin C
Various products may have a broad range of vitamin C concentrations. They generally are from less than 5% and can go up to 30% a factor that can bring varied effects.

If you have dry and hypersensitive skin, you should stick to products with a lower concentration. Higher concentrations would work well on those with oily skin and broad pigmentation problems to handle.

Apply Vitamin C Serums in the Morning.
It is not to say that vitamin C serum cannot be used in the evening, but applying it in the morning may give you the most benefits. It is during the day that UV radiation is at its peak and it, therefore, makes all the sense.

Also, note that you should allow it time to get absorbed into your skin before stepping out. This is because its effectiveness is lost when it is exposed to light.

Do not use vitamin C alongside Certain Ingredients
On its own, vitamin C is normally very safe and tolerated. However, if your skin is sensitive, it might etch a little - specifically if you apply it alongside exfoliating acids or scrubs.

You should stay clear of benzoyl peroxide when using vitamin C because it can oxidize it and render it less potent. But if you have to use it, ensure it is not at the same of your routine as with vitamin C.

Ensure to Keep Your Vitamin C Products Appropriately.

Vitamin C is sensitive to air and light. They oxidize it to dehydroascorbic acid which is less potent and less effective. Vitamin C skin serum should therefore be kept in an opaque bottle that is airtight or air restrictive.

The best news however is that most Vitamin C products are already packed in the correct containers and you, therefore, have to worry less.