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5 Factors to Consider before Choosing a Product Designer


When choosing a consumer product design company, you want to make sure they are reliable, experienced, and can actually get the job done to and beyond your satisfaction. This calls for a thorough search especially because you can find multiple companies that offer these services.

Here are factors to look for, that will help you determine which product design company you should work with;

Past Work and Portfolio 

A portfolio is sort of proof that the experts can do what they say they can do. Ask to see their past projects and the companies they have worked with before. The number of projects they have worked on previously also matters. You are sure to choose a company that has 10 projects over one with a single project.  It adds to their credibility.

Reviews and Ratings 

Naturally, a company with many positive reviews and high ratings will have higher credibility than a company with bad reviews and low ratings or fewer reviews. Taking your time to read reviews will let you know the type of service to expect.

There are multiple places you can check for these reviews. You can always check their website on the reviews page. If you don’t trust reviews on their site, check on third-party review sites such as trust pilot, or other review forums. 


Experience is definitely an important factor to check before you strike a deal with a product design firm. You want to make sure that the company has the capability to deliver the service as per your requirements.

There are many ways to check their experience. For starters, the amount of time they have been in the industry is a clear indication of how much experience they have. The longer they have been in the industry the more experience they tend to have, and vice versa.


More often than not, dealing with one firm for all your product design needs seems easier and more convenient than if you had to involve multiple firms. The possibility for this to happen is due to the fact that product design and development is a lengthy process with multiple stages.

Each stage is critical and a minor mistake may result in damage to the progress. This means looking for a “one-stop-shop”. Choosing a firm that is well knowledgeable about everything related to product design and can handle the whole process without glitches. 


Communication is an essential skill, which unfortunately not everyone has. It involves good listening skills and the ability to deliver information effectively. A product designer may be so good in their work, but if they lack good communication skills then they are not good enough. 

You want someone with the ability to listen to and comprehend your requirements. They should also be able to deliver their message and knowledge in the clearest way.  Any communication distortion or barrier may lead to unpleasant results. 


Choosing a product designer may sometimes be difficult, especially if you don’t quite understand what your requirements are. However, if you check out the factors explained in this article you should be able to easily find your perfect match.