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Why everyone is on social media?

Social media has experienced exponential growth in the last few years. Social media companies have become billion dollar companies and still they are forecasting huge business growth in near future. Social media has succeeded in bringing almost everyone on its platforms. Young, old, rich, poor, students, teachers, leaders, admirers, followers – everyone is on social media platforms
Social media profiles are becoming identities for private individuals, companies, celebrities, leaders, etc. People view social media profiles of individuals, companies, etc and accordingly make their impressions about them. Companies intending to explore this vast medium buy twitter tweets and buy twitter replies to enhance their social media profiles and boost traffic on their websites.

Private individuals are on social media profiles because it is accessible 24*7 on their desktop, smart phones etc. They like this media as it keeps them in touch with their friends and family. People post pictures, videos etc of the events happening in their lives so that their family and friends are updated about the happenings in their lives on social media.

Business like this medium as it allows them to spread awareness about their products and services to massive number of customers and potential customers. They buy twitter tweets and buy twitter replies to enhance their presence on social media and get more number of followers on social media.

This interactive media becomes a great tool and platform for businesses as they can establish direct and interactive communication with their customers. Many individuals and companies conduct live interactive sessions on Facebook etc. Participants attend these sessions to listen to the host and express their views in the interactive sessions.
Companies make advertisements for social media users. They share videos, pictures, presentations etc made for social media users. These social media advertisements are immediately shared with millions of users across the world which acts as very cost efficient advertisement for the companies.

Companies create interest groups for their various products and services. There are huge number of social media users connected to these interest groups and share their views etc on various products and services launched by them. This is also frequently used by companies to get reviews and feedback on their various products and services from the users of these products and services.

Celebrities, society icons and leaders also intend to enhance their presence on social media and buy twitter tweets and buy twitter replies to boost internet traffic on their websites and social media pages. They have huge number of followers and admirers connected to their social media profiles. The popularity of these leaders, social icons and leaders are frequently gauzed by the numbers of followers they have on various social media platforms.

They also share their views, events etc on social media and social media users respond to these views, events etc. Many leaders, society icons, leaders etc conduct live sessions etc on Facebook etc social media platforms for their followers, admirers etc. Their followers, admirers etc also feel connected to their ideals and leaders while expressing their views with them on these live sessions.

Social media platforms have succeeded in providing usability for everyone and that has made them extremely popular and important for masses.