paint by numbers custom

What are the activities you should avoid while painting by numbers?

Since there would be numbers indicating the right color paint to use on the specific spot on the board, you may think that using your paint by numbers custom kit would not be tedious. However, you will do some unwanted activities to collapse your painting. You should avoid doing the following while using a paint by numbers kit.

Do not collapse with your hands

Even you are a beginner in painting, you can create a beautiful painting with the help of a paint by numbers kit. There is no way for the painting to go bad unless you lose control of your hand and do something to collapse it. One way of collapsing a painting would be smudging. Smudging is nothing but the collapse of a painting by placing your palm or other parts of the hand in a wet place and placing the same palm on another space to mix the two colors of paint. Sometimes, you would take up the freshly painted color on your hand and place it in a white space where another color should be painted after some time. Once you do this, you could not finish your painting as you wish. So, you should take the necessary steps from the beginning to avoid smudging. One step would be to beware of the mistake and keep your unwanted parts of the hand away from the board. Since it is tedious, you can try the next step of using clean paper under your hand whenever you come in contact with the board. Once you do that, the paper would not take up the color as much and it would not get transferred. Else, you should try painting from the top and go down.

Do not leave spots

Some beginner painters would not concentrate on finishing the project efficiently and they would be in a haste to do so. So, they would complete the painting with all the numbers on the spaces that remain visible when looked at carefully. It would be a sign of immaturity if you leave the numbers to fall into the eyes of the observers even after you complete your painting. Once you finish a space, it should be clean enough so that no one could see anything other than the colored paint.

Do not let the paint dry

The primary mistake every beginner painter would do is the careless treatment of their paint boxes. Paint is nothing but colored liquid and any liquid mixed with solid particles would get solidified when left to mingle with air. So, if you do not close your paint boxes properly after you complete your painting, the paint would go dry. If the paint is dry, you could not take it using your brush. If you mix water or any other liquid to get back the liquidity of your paint, you would lose the color quality of it. Hence, you should take care of your paint boxes and do not let your paint dry.