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How do I hire the right social media manager?

Social media managing is only easy when you think of it. Getting to understand the hang of things calls for a professional eye. Going DIY for your social media marketing project can alleviate chances of its success since you do not understand some of the lead generation and search engine optimization techniques. Hiring smm panel paypal should be your first call when looking to get the best results for your project. Finding a reliable expert is never that easy too, the market is filled with frauds one needs to tread carefully during the hiring stage. To help you find the best one for the job, here are some of the few factors you should be assessing during their interview.

Understand your brand

This is the most important thing when thinking of who to hire. The candidate that best understands your brand the better they are for hire. You need to test their knowledge of your brand because of several reasons. To convince the online traffic to become buyers, they may need to have accurate details concerning your brand. Customer care services for business that rely on social media channels may also be successful when the social media manager has a better comprehension of the brand. Understanding the brand besides shows their effort to getting ready for the job anyone that fails this stage should not be considered.


A portfolio is a file where an expert stores samples of their past projects just in case they need them for the interview. Assess their portfolio to ascertain what kind of projects they have handled before. You will also establish their success rate from looking at the various jobs that were done successfully. While at it, you need to find out how many of the done projects resemble the one you are about to give them. You can easily avoid getting into contract with a fraud through double checking these facts early enough.

Online presence 

Yes, the kind of online presence a potential expert for hire presents determines the kind of campaign you are likely to experience. How can you find out the various online presence for different interviewees on your shortlist? Their social media profiles can be very instrumental to help you find this information out. How many followers do they have on their various social media accounts and even then the level of engagement with followers can help you make your mind faster whether to hire them or move to the next name on your shortlist.


This section refers to the kind of feedback the customers leave on their websites after doing a project. Satisfied clients are always content to leave a positive remark for the various services received. Negatives comments and ratings are red flags you should look for to turn down an interviewee. You should however settle for the experts that have positive feedbacks and 5 star ratings on their past projects showing how qualified they are for the job.