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Why You Should Delete Fake Instagram Followers?

Nobody wants to create content with no one to see them. We all create amazing contents to engage as much crowd as we can to lead our brand and ultimately receive revenue out of it. All of these will be impossible without friends, fans, and followers. However, obtaining real instagram followers is not easy and requires a lot of patience. Therefore, after a point of time, buying fake followers starts to look very appealing.

Purchasing fake followers might help you increase the numbers, but it will not help you in increasing the engagement for your brand. Along with this, it also has many downsides. So, here is why you should delete fake Instagram followers immediately.

• It Violates Terms of Services
Every social media platform has its own set of policies and terms. And none of them includes fake followers, let alone purchasing them. They cannot offer a high-quality user experience if their platform has a high number of spam accounts. They want their users to build their following organically, so they discourage fake followers at every step.
Instagram possesses the right to delete your account whenever they want to if you violate any of their terms. And if Instagram deletes your account, it will result badly for the name of your brand and business. So, in case you have purchased fake Instagram followers, you should delete them as soon as possible.

• Low Engagement Rate
If you buy fake followers on Instagram, your follower count will go up. But, your engagement rate will remain where it was. It happens because the fake accounts or bots cannot interact in the same way real users do.
Therefore, if you will have a high number of followers with low engagement, Instagram will take it as either your contents are not good enough, or you are buying followers, which will end up in the deletion of your account.

• Risk your Reputation
Nobody wants to follow or to be followed by fake or soam accounts. If you are buying fake Instagram followers to gain popularity and your account gets deleted. No one will be able to trust your brand anymore. Therefore, people like to follow accounts and brands that have built up their following organically.

• Effectiveness
As mentioned above, purchasing fae followers on Instagram will not take your business anywhere. It will bring nothing but a downfall to your brand. Fake followers are not as effective as real Instagram followers. Real or organic followers brig more followers. Whereas fake followers do not have any friends or followers that will bring you any followers. Therefore, you should remove the fake followers from your Instagram.

So, due to these issues, you must not buy fake followers on Instagram. And even if you had done the mistake of buying them, it is better for your brand as well as your business to delete them as soon as you can.