remove powered by shopify

Helpful Ways to Remove Powered by Shopify Link

As you use Shopify services, the text powered by Shopify is displayed by default at the bottom of your screen. Nevertheless, it is possible to remove the text from the footer of your website. Here, you will find a few steps on simple steps on how to remove it.

There are two ways that you can consider to help you remove powered by shopify text. But, only a single method applies to you. The technique is dependent on what theme type you use. Sectioned theme and non-sectioned theme are the two types of theme that are available on Shopify. Note that sectioned themes are relatively new. They will let you drag and drop elements to customize your store layout.

Before selecting the method, you need to confirm the type of theme that you are using. You are capable of checking this by going to the edit code page of the theme. When you are there, consider checking the category of the section. In case there are files in the category of the section, you are utilizing a sectioned theme. Note that you are using a non-sectioned theme if there are no files in the section category.

Method One
The first step you need to do so that you can remove powered by Shopify is going to the admin dashboard. While there, head to themes, and you will find a drop-down for actions. Here, you are advised to choose edit code. It is advisable to open the folder for sections and click on the footer liquid in step two. Moreover, you are advised to hit the control and f once the code populates to find the search bar and type the word powered.

In the fourth step, you ought to delete everything that is available in the curly brackets. There are no issues with leaving the rest of the code there since it will not affect anything. Based on the theme you are using, there might be more than a single instance of this bracketed code that you will need to delete. You should keep clicking down on the find search bar to find the other instances. After you are done with deleting them, you now require to click save in the right-hand corner. That way, you have a guarantee of having removed powered by Shopify from the footer of your online business store.

Method Two
In this method, you do not have to edit raw code directly. Rather than selecting the edit code under the actions, consider choosing edit languages. Here, type powered into the filter search box to find all instances of remove powered by shopify in your footers. Once you are done with this, you see greyed-out text. This means it is the default text. All you require to do is put a single space in that box, under the footer, to remove the grey default text. This is going to cause your footer to have a blank space instead, effectively removing powered by Shopify.