Can You Make Money Playing Games?

Growing up, you might have dreamed about playing video games all day long, not knowing that you might actually be able to go that route after school. These days, the gaming industry is booming, and there are a lot of paths you could take if you want to make it your career.


You can play online games, write reviews for games, develop coding for games, test games, and more. The opportunities are endless, and the industry is growing each year. The increase in opportunities has led to products that make gaming more comfortable as well. Floor Rocker Gaming Chairs are one product that has hit the market in a big way, keeping the gamer comfortable and supported while they work their way from level to level.


What is the Average Amount You Can Make Playing Games?


The amount you can make will depend on your level of experience and what game you’re playing. Reports vary widely from $20 to $200 an hour. However, as you are typically also participating in tournaments and challenges that cost money, you have to factor in those costs as well. There are some gamers that are sponsored by specific games to test new levels and updates.


You can make more money if you are well-known or an influencer on social media sites popular with other gamers. Making the videos takes time, which is time that you might not be paid for. Getting started in the industry can take patience, dedication, and a lot of energy, but if you are focused, you can do it.


How Can You Get Noticed?


Create a Youtube channel focused on the game. You can simply play the game for visitors, showing them new techniques and hidden gems, or you can review games on your channel. You can also check out Facebook, Discord, Twitch, and Steam to assess what options you have for getting your name out there.


Creating Games


Are you creative and technical-minded? Has programming always been easy for you? You can lean in the direction of development and get paid to play that way as well. Gaming developers are able to put their spin on new games and be on the cutting edge of new trends in the gaming industry.


There are college programs specifically geared towards game development, and companies are hiring all the time.


Pay-to-Play Apps/Websites


There are a variety of apps/websites that will pay you to play their games. Many of these can be played on all forums. Options range from card and dice games to bingo to games that require you to use your problem-solving skills to make top dollar.




As mentioned above, you can make more if you play more. This includes participating in tournaments, investing in the right gaming equipment, following other gamers, and reaching out to companies. The industry is ever-changing, with new games out every month. It will take an investment to stay on top of things, but if this is your career decision, it pays to give it your all.