Sebastian Cruz Couture mens wedding collection

Variety in Mens Wedding Collection

Today a man's wedding outfit is not limited to the old boring suits there are several other options available. Such huge variety in the mens wedding collection, including contemporary styles, edgy patterns, and beautiful hues. All this has helped to take the mens wedding collection up a notch. There is so much variety to choose from mens wedding collection. If you know the type of look that you want to go for your wedding, then you can easily choose your ideal outfit for your wedding day. The mens wedding collection today has options that complement the style of every man. Let us have a look at a few options that a groom can choose a wedding outfit from.

Printed jackets:

The printed jackets have come a long way. There are so many prints to choose right from freestyle contemporary patterns to intricate handmade patterns. If you are planning for a royal wedding that is to be in the traditional style of the scale, then prints are your way to go. There are different styles of prints available too. Make sure you go for heavier or more intricate prints if you are deciding on a soft tone of your outfit. In case you are deciding over having a dark-toned outfit or a dark color outfit then you can go for more bold and contemporary prints. Many of their jackets or kurtas come with a lot of detail. So, always make sure to check all the details, before buying a jacket. These details may include metal buttons, fancy lace centered at the hem, etc. You need to be sure of your style before buying these.

Types of kurtas:

There are different types of kurtas available in the market today. Cowledkurta is the one you should choose if you want to go for an edgy but traditional look. You can pair these up with some matching churidars and a jacket on top of the kurta. Front open kurtas are a new type of kurtas that are fitted at the top while are flowy at the ends. Silk kurtas are next they are made of pure silk and are usually hand-tailored to give you a stylish look. Printed silk kurtas are also quite trendy. Talking about silk the silk matka jacket kurtas are ethnic and give a bold look you can pair them up with a pair of trousers and, you are good to go. Diagonal patterned kurtas are great if you want a stylish new yet bold look. They can also be worn as jackets as they have detailed patterns over them.

Fabrics to choose from:

Silk is the first choice when it comes to the quality of the fabric. Velvet is also a good choice if you want to wear your outfit in the evening in case you are having an evening wedding.  Cotton is your best choice if you are having a wedding in a hot and humid place because it is light and also comes in many colors. Blended fabrics are also a good choice if you are choosing a patterned mens wedding collection for a wedding.