Types of swimming pools

Thanks to the new construction technology, there has been many improvements and new materials used in building pools. Because of this are new backyard swimming pools to choose and buy from. Some come in various shapes and sizes that you can choose from as well as durable and permanent pools. To give you an insight on the best types of pools, we’ve compiled a list on the different types of in ground swimming pools you can buy from in the market. Each having its unique price and unique qualities. 


Concrete pool

Concrete pool is the most wanted type for in ground pool construction. The main material as the name implies in concrete. The construction begins by excavation and fixing a framework of steel in your desired area. After this, concrete is poured into the framework of steal and sealed using a plaster. The benefit of using a plaster is that it can always be re-applied as the pool grows older. However, other than using plaster, you can resort to using pebbles, glass aggregates or tiles. If you opting for this type of swimming pool, be sure to make use of a reinforced steel and quality concrete if you want the pool to last long for you as well as be in good shape. But, bear in mind that it quite expensive and takes quite a while before you use it. 


Fiberglass pool

You can opt for using a fiberglass pool rather than a concrete build. This is quite expensive to acquire and last quite a long time before it begins to spoil. Use a fiberglass shell and lower it into the excavation. Other than the usual concrete pool, fiberglass pool is very easy to maintain but after a while, it begins to fade and crack as a result of the material. A disadvantage of using fibreglass is that during repairs, the colour used may not be exactly the same as the older one and may not be eye friendly anymore.


Vinyl pool

Vinyl pool is an ideal pick for any one on a budget. It is cheaper to acquire than the others. A sand base is used is used with a vinyl liner and a metal or plastic frame. This type of pool is very durable and can last up to 18 years of use. To help maintain the vinyl liner, UV is used to treat the pool once in a while to limit the growth of fungus and algae. It comes in different shapes and sizes you can choose from. However, the disadvantage of using vinyl liners is that it can easily be punctured and it is very expensive to repair. 


Dunk pool

This type of pool is a recent build and is extremely durable. They are made of steel and don’t take up so much space like most pools. These pools are great for kids looking to experience a lot of fun and for adults to help keep fit. It doesn’t take time to install them and can be used few days after installation. They are easy to maintain are user friendly.