image to pdf

                                                                               Steps to Add Image to PDF

These days use of image and pdfs are going simultaneously and has become a part of our professional routine. The reason is that Pdf is now the best and the easiest way to share documents. It does not hinder any process and can be shared smoothly. People are still finding it difficult to add an image to pdf. In this article, I will try to give you a detailed guide on how you can add an image to pdf.

What is PDFSimpli?

There are many tools that you can use for this process. The normal PDF reader that you might be using at the moment, maybe good but is not as advanced as PDFSimpli. PDFSimpli converter is the best tool that you can get for adding an image to pdf. You can do this in few simple steps, that too free of cost on online mode. The tool is designed in such a way that it makes both editing and adding an image to pdf easier just a few clicks is all you need. The interface of the tool is also very easy so that people can learn and understand all the functions.

The steps to add an image to pdf are as follows:

• When you open the tool, you will find an option as edit pdf or select a pdf to covert in the PDFSimpli converter.
• Then you can select whichever pdf you want to edit from your document section or where ever you have saved the pdf.
• After the processing part by the tool, your pdf will open in the editor window.
• After that, you will see an option as add image, click on that. When you are at the editor window, apart from adding an image to pdf you can also try other changes like rotating the pdf.
• After that, select the image from your computer or internet that you need to add in the pdf.
• After you think all the things are okay now and the images are properly added, click on Download As option then, Download PDF.
• The pdf that you will edit will be in the download section of your computer for you to access.

This tool is very useful and can also be used to add an image in pdf in preview. The steps are the steps. By using this tool you can also convert your image to a TXT file. In the preview mode, your pdf can be downloaded in more than one form that is image, pdf, and Microsoft Office File.


PDFSimpli as the name suggests makes your editing and adding an image to pdf part much easier than other available tools. It is the best tool and is highly recommended in day-to-day life. Your edited pdf is just a few clicks away, ready for the submission and your time to get appreciated. Both normal and the pdf in the preview can be edited by this tool. It is easily available online, easy to access, and most important free of cost.

I hope this article gave you an insight into the topic. Thank you for reading.