Sports betting explained

When doing FOOTBALL ANALYSIS (วิเคราะห์บอล) you might want to know the type of sports bet. According to sports betting that covers all the topics of the need to know and terms. You have to know all the type of bets which are popular, including teaser bets, parlays, prop bets, and all the need to know terminology for sports betting.

What is parlay bet?
A parlay is all about a single bet linking two or more wagers. For you to win the bet, the player has to win all the wagers in the parlays. If the players decide to lose a single wager, they end up losing the whole bet. However, in case the player wins, all the wagers that are in the parlays, the players wins with a higher payoff as compared to if the player placed the bets in a separately.

What is a straight bet?
They are the type of bet on a wager that is individual on the event or game that are controlled by money line or point spread.

Futures betting
A future bet is all about a wager that is placed on an event that is typically far in the future like which team will win next year championship for football game or the series of pro hockey championship.

Propositions – the prop bets
The proposition or the props bets focus on events outcome that are within a given game. Props are normally offered on the marquees games of high interest. They include Sunday and Monday night pro football games, with high profile football Games College, major college games bowl and playoff and championship games. Which team is going to the touchdown score?

Teaser bet
It is a type of basketball or football wager in which the point spread is adjusted by the additional points in the favor of your players on more than a single game. When it comes to football, a player may move the point spread posted 6, 6.5, is point teaser ties lose.

Round robin bet
A round robin is a parlays series. A 3 team round robin consists of three 2 team parlays.

Important terms
Point spread
The main sports bets are normally based on the point spread. The representation of the point spread is the margin of points which the team favored has to win the game through to cover the spread. Bets happening on the point spread are normally at about 10 and 11 odds. A player has to bet $11 to win the $10 for a total payout of the $21 or the $110 to win the $100.

Money line bet
The money line is a representation of the odds of a team that is winning the game outright without having to use the point spread. The money line is normally expressed as a 3-digit number.

Sports betting terms glossary
• Action:A sports wager that is of any sides – a bet
• Added game: A game not part of the wagering of typical menu, often posted as an accommodation to the patrons.
• Books: An establishment which accepts bets on the outcome of the sports betting