Pizza Boise

Pizza: A delicious treat made in the style

Pizza is loved by many people worldwide, and the reason is in the taste. It doesn’t matter if it’s some Pizza Boise pizzerias had on their menu or some homemade ones. The tasty thrill is unmissable. We’ve come to fall head over heels with this delicious goodness for its sweetness – and maybe much more. But let’s leave this aside and talk about the uniqueness of different pizza slices – hinting at the style. So, when next you’re get served, you can check to see if it’s any of these styles:

Chicago Pizza 

Chicago pizza, or deep-dish pizza as it is also known, has been around for a while. It is characterized by a thick crust and raised edges and is usually lined with mozzarella, while veggies, meats, and crushed tomatoes are used in garnishing it. Sausage, mushrooms, pepperoni, beef, and onion can also be combinedly used [along with tomatoes] as toppings. As a result of multiple toppings that go into it, the Chicago pizza may take up to 35 minutes to be ready – this is relatively long.     

Sicilian pizza

Sicilian pizza has a pillow-like look and feel, with a rich supply of tomato sauce. Its crust is quite crunchy, and the pizza can be served with cheese – spread right under the sauce. Sicilian pizza should be ready in about 20 minutes, and some of the commonly used toppings for it include anchovies, herbs, and onion.

Greek pizza

The thick, chewy crust and puffy appearance of the Greek pizza are the qualities that set it apart. The bottom of this pizza is slightly deeply fried as it is prepared in a shallow oiled pan, and it usually is richly sauced – the sauce used here is tomato seasoned with oregano flavor. The toppings most suited for this particular pizza include red onion, feta cheese, and some mozzarella. 

California pizza

Call this gourmet delight, and you won’t be wrong – well, it is commonly referred to as “gourmet pizza.” It was initially made of pate, mustard, red pepper, and ricotta. The remarkable thing about the California pizza, you can use any combination of toppings, and it can have a thick or thin crust. 

Neapolitan pizza

Leaving the first for the last – in the literal sense of it. It won’t be proper to end this article without touching on the very first style of pizza to be made – out of the city of Naples. This pizza has three subtypes – Pizza Margherita, Pizza Margherita Extra, and Pizza Marinara. The subtypes vary based on the ingredients used in the making, although the toppings are usually the same. Pizza Margherita is made from diced mozzarella, tomatoes, and extra olive, while the Margherita Extra variety is made with mozzarella, basil, tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. Along with extra virgin olive oil, Pizza Marinara also has garlic, tomatoes, and oregano as ingredients. It has a distinctly thin feel and should be ready in under one-and-half minutes when cooked at an extremely high temperature.