Why people with autistic syndrome prefer watching anime?

Some people think every anime fans maybe are autistic, which is totally wrong. Yes, a little portion of the fan base tends to be autistic but not all of them. According to many psychologists and special Ed teachers, there are plenty of autistic adults and children who like to read manga and watch anime. 

However, there wasn’t any official research done about it, but it is said that people who are in the autism spectrum, like manga and anime a lot more than the usual fans. Many people wonder about the reasons behind it. 

Of course, there are reasons why anime and manga are so appealing for people with autism syndrome. We would like to make our points here. But you should know these are not any official statements neither there is any official research. We have done our own research and talked to so many people with this syndrome and their family members.

However, know that not every autistic people will experience the same journey. Here, in this article, the points we have tried to gather were based on mostly some psychological research and essential sources. We have tried to talk to people who could put some initiate here from their personal experiences.

Know that for many autistic people, anime is a form of escaping reality maybe sometimes. For those who are suffering from this syndrome and want to read some good manga and watch some fantastic anime series can look for some great sites. Keep in mind to look Fiction (นิยายhere.

In this article, we will talk about the reasons why autistic people are drawn into anime more than other fans.

Another reality

By watching anime, autistic people get the opportunity to escape their real lives—most people with this syndrome struggle with facing reality. Anime can offer them a fantasy world with hundreds of new stores and characters. They can quickly dive into this world and forget about their surroundings.

Lessons about friendship

In anime, the storylines tell how to meet new people and make friends with them. Even ordinary people struggle to make new friends in everyday life. So autistic people find it beneficial to watch anime and learn how to make friendships.

Emotionally easy to understand

When an autistic person watches anime, he or she gets to see the reactions of the characters, and it makes it easier for them to understand how the characters are feeling. This strategy will work for them in real lives too.

A lesson about formal Japanese culture

Japanese are very traditional and sensitive about their cultures. They are still making sure that their traditions are being followed where formal approaching and other manners are being taught. In anime, you will see that traditional culture and autistic people can learn from it to use them in real life.

Relatable fictional struggle

Many autistic people find the story’s struggle quite relatable while watching an anime or reading a manga.

School bullying

In majority anime shows, you will see the school bullying concept. Autistic children can relate to that because they usually get bullied in real life.