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Different Types of Garden Water Features to Decorate Your Lawn

If you have decided to decorate your garden,then adding Garden Water Features to your backyard could do this job perfectly.
Today, garden owners are fortunate enough to develop such features easily. Because these can give a modern wrench to your yard. Moreover, they are economical and allows you to relax your mind when you’re depressed or frustrated with your problems.
In this article, we will be discussing various types of garden water features so that you can choose your favourite one based on your priorities.

Types of Garden Water Features
• Natural Ponds
These are common terrain features that are usually found in gardens. They are made by excavating a hole in the soil followed by lining it with a solid or flexible liner. Additionally, a filtration system is installed in it to keep the water independent from dirt, germs or insects. Some people prefer to add a waterfall with it to minimize the noise produced by the filtration system. Moreover, it adds a natural look to your backyard.

• Waterfalls
A waterfall cascades the water gradually on the face of the wall and gets back to them again. This cycle continuously works to maintain the flow of water. Besides, you can add a filter to it to ensure the sanitation of water. This filter is responsible to discard the dirt or some solid particles that enter into it. This feature sets an extra elegance to your garden or the pool area thereby enabling you to praise its beauty. You can add some lights to it to produce a gorgeous effect,especially in the dark.

• Standard Waterfall
A standard waterfall is added to your garden space to enhance its beauty. Generally, these are constructed with stones, concrete, fibreglass etc followed by a coating of paint on them so that they could be protected from the various natural process like sun exposure, weathering, erosion etc.
The choice of your waterfall must be compatible with your garden's topography to avoid the issues which you might face at the time of installation. Besides, it should also depend on the amount of noise it produces. Normally, the waterfalls that conduct more movement of the water tend to produce extra noise.

• Rain Curtains
This feature is specially designed to put a fun element into your pool area. These are made by drilling holes of equal sizes to the upper portion of the device. It is installed with a pump to maintain the water flow efficiently. Rain curtains are generally used to produce a dramatic effect on your swimming pool.

• Scuppers
These water features are typically wider in an area that also increases its water storage capacity. They move water from the higher level to the lower one. The lower level could be present beneath the pool or sometimes maybe a standalone tunnel. They consist of filters that safeguard water against dirt or silt. However, the amount of noise produced by scuppers depends on their size of the drop or the volume of water. They are used to give an astonishing look to your chilling area.