What are the Cons of Condos?

It doesn’t matter who you are, be you a fresher in Singapore or a citizen by birth of the country, it has been a challenge in choosing the apartment type one should own due to the country’s alarmingly expensive products. Should you own a condo or a rental apartment? Remains to be a challenge formany investors and local people, Condominiums nature of having swimming pools, gym, free parking, and security may attract thousands to flood there but some end up in the disappointment of facing the following three minutes;

1. There is an issue with space
2. Privacy
3. Security

How are space, privacy, and security an issue with condos? This is what is highlighted in the following paragraph.

Though this may not apply to all apartments, most of them have displeasing space set aside for the residents. A matter of truth is that, if you want a huge spaced condo, then run for the older ones, but how sure that you will get one if new condos have been built to serve those who lacked space in the old ones? In other words, newer condos, though they may appear to be more advanced, have less space compared to the old jadescape condos. Old is gold applies in Singapore’s condominiums.

Condos are mostly built in stores. A person on the ground floor will know about all your visitors whereby some of them may be “private” visitors since they have to pass there until, they reach your house, maybe the fifth floor. Any delivery you have will be made public. Suppose someone has delivered unto you a skeleton-like dog to keep it! All your fellows from the first floor to the fifth floor will find some stories to push their boring day. No privacy. Your next floor neighbor will know the aroma of your cooking!

I am not against the role of security. It is tight, and, thumps up for security men! But sometimes they can let you down due to their strictness in their job. Imagine that guy knows you physically and probably he might be your nephew, and unfortunately, you end up forgetting an ID or gate pass. No matter how you are related to them, you won’t pass. They are in the line of duty to keep the security rule, “No entrance without Gate Pass”. These rules need to be nervous.

Final Thoughts
A person living in a landed house at least can enjoy space, privacy, and security. You don’t have to have a gate pass to enter your home. Your neighbor’s home is far away hence privacy. Though I am not in this option. Else, if so, what about the foreign investors? They need to purchase a condo, but not to possess their land. The above challenges may discourage you from having a condo but why should challenges stop you from paradise sites on earth? You rather learn how to cope up with them and possibly innovate its solutions.