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What should you know about the types of funeral floral arrangements?

The funeral is the final and the most vital respect-giving ceremony for our beloved persons. So, we should consider all the possible measures to make the ceremony complete. People around the world are considering the use of flowers in the funeral ceremony holy and relating it to their religious beliefs. Also, there are several meanings for each flower, and they will act like the definition of certain things about the dead person. So, one could find several types of funeral floral settings, either online or through retail florists. It is necessary to know the variety of arrangements available for use in the funerals. Let us have a look at some of these arrangements.

Varieties in funeral flower arrangements


A wreath is a circular arrangement of flowers kept in the funeral ceremony. It is the most traditional way of paying respect to the person and also one of the beautiful ways. You can find coroane funerare Cluj with either a variety of flowers arranged or a single type of flower. Either way, the wreath will be suitable for the occasion. There is a common belief that the circular arrangement is symbolically representing the entire life circle of the person and sometimes the eternal life as a whole. Some people relate this in their religious way. However, a funeral ceremony can get some respectful decoration with a funeral wreath. It is advisable to get it from a reliable provider.


Like a funeral wreath, there is an additional variety of floral arrangements to keep on the casket of the dead person known as a funeral cross. It is a simple arrangement of flowers with specific meaning in the form of a cross resembling that of Christianity. You could find the use of this funeral floral arrangement in most of the western countries and some parts of other regions also. A cross in the funeral is considered more religious and will find a place if the dead person is fond of his religion. The same flowers used in the wreath will find use here also.

Casket spray

The casket is also known as the coffin and the decorative flowers that find a place on this casket are known as the casket spray. Although you may miss some other varieties of flowers at a funeral, you should not miss decorating the casket with these floral arrangements. As they will be lying with the dead person’s body during the final times, people consider casket spray vital in the ceremony. Mostly, people will use the flowers that the person likes the most in casket spray arrangements to leave them with the person. As a custom, people follow the practice of leaving this casket spray along with the buried body after the funeral process for remembrance. Sometimes, the close relatives of the dead person will get a single stem of a flower from the casket spray to take with them.

Easel spray

These are the floral arrangements that will find a place on the easels.