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Ways to increase your real followers on Instagram

Intagram is now a cornerstone that many brands rely on to maintain social presence, drive profitability traffic, grow conversations, and build engaged audiences. However, it is not every business that is able to achieve this kind of power and influence and there are many reasons why. There are several tips and strategies that you can use to increase the number of your Instagram followers if you use them well and that is going to be the goal of this article.

You should understand that the strategies I am going to discuss in this article will help you to achieve organic followership. It is important to place a lot of emphasis on the term organic because many businesses today take the easy way to grow Instagram followers and that can be a problem. Follow these strategies to grow your followership.

Optimize your Instagram account
Before you even start to think about how you can increase your Instagram followership, the first step you need to take is to optimize your account. There are many ways you can optimize your account and one of them is to use an appropriate bio. Your bio acts as the homepage of your account and as such, you need to take time and put in effort to ensure that it is optimized well. Besides having an appropriate bio, you will also need appropriate image captions, a proper profile image, and a proper username. This is how people can link your account to your brand. Using an appropriate bio and image may look like something obvious, but you would be surprised by how many people get it wrong. Your image and bio are the two things that set the foundation for your brand identity. People rely on the link you put in your bio to send them to your own site.

Keep a consistent content calendar
Secondly, if you want to grow your Instragram presence and followership, you need to be very consistent with how you post content on your account. The biggest mistake that most people make is to post content haphazardly and randomly. Chances are that when you make our first post, there will be people following you and it is upon you to ensure that the people who follow you never forget that they did. The best way to do this is to make a consistent calendar for posting content so that your followers are always expecting you.

You should communicate to your customers about your calendar so that they know and expect your content. You should also avoid making too many posts because that would make your content look like spam and that can’t be good for your business.

Schedule Instagram posts in advance
I know that this point is almost the same as the previous one, but it is worth mentioning anyway. When you make your posts, it is important that you make your followers to expect it. You want to communicate with your audience in advance so that they know the day and time when you will be posting new content. This way, you are able to gain thousands of comments and likes in a few minutes of posting because you had people of the ready waiting to see your content.