custom wrought iron design

Get A custom wrought iron design Gates That Will Look Perfect For Your Home

Wrought-iron gates give an entire structure a distinctive look, whether you’re building a build-in wall, adding textural interest to your home's entryway, or integrating a patio fence. Each gate has its own unique style and coloration, so it’s important to have professionally installed wrought-iron gates that look good from every angle. 


Here’s what you need to know about ordering wrought-iron gate arrangements that catch everyone’s eye: Wrong sizes? Get a new set! Or choose from our vast array of standard gate sizes that work for virtually every building project. If you find yourself without the perfect size, keep reading to learn how to order a custom gate that best suits your space, tastes, and construction methods.


How To Order A Customized Wrought Iron Gate That Best Suit Your Space


Wrought-iron gates are made to a standard width and length and made to a tri-fold design, with three doors and three windows. A complete wrought-iron gate consists of the main door, which is the main entryway, a half-sans door, which leads to an exterior wall, and a half-openwork door. The main doors are attached to a facade or facade-in- detail, which is another name for a wall. 


A facade consists of three or four panels, each with three or four openings, usually with small decorative panels on the outside. A detail can be anything from a single decorative stone to a hand-painted art piece. A standard wrought-iron gate has three doors, one for each side of a normal square. Wrought-iron gates with four doors have five doors and have seven panels total.


Before getting a custom wrought iron design gate, first, you’ll want to order a metal gate that matches the design of the door and window frames. This is because the metal frame will either be the portal to another room or the handlebars of a bicycle that will lean against the wall; you’ll want the handlebars to lean against the wall so that they don’t fall over and break the door frame. 


Next, you’ll want to order a custom made wrought-iron gate that best suits your space, tastes, and construction methods. There are many types of wrought-iron gate designs, and if you’re looking for a design that accented the wall and a final touches like a beautiful stone or two, you’ll want to look into custom made wrought-iron gates.


When you’re looking for a good deal on a custom wrought-iron gate, you don’t usually have many options. This is where buying from a manufacturer can help you shop over the options, as most manufacturers will have a 24-hour customer service line that you can call for assistance if your order comes in wrong or arrives late. 


To design a new gate, begin with a sketch. This is ideal for sketching out the gate's main layout, design, and construction aspects. Then, build a full scale model of the gate to help you visualize the finished product. Once you’ve finished your model, check the quality of each successive stage. Your goal is to ensure the quality of your wrought-iron gate design is not affected by the extra work.