casual groom attire


A casual wedding dress code could be a little confusing most times. It’s important to note that it doesn’t mean a polo and denim. It also definitely doesn’t mean throwing a hoodie on or wearing a leather jacket on leather pants ensemble. Casual wedding attire could be dressy and still remain casual.

Casual outfit guide
There are a lot of options to explore when choosing a casual outfit whether you are the groom, one of the groomsmen or a guest at the wedding.
Tan suit
A tan suit is suitable casual groom attire. It could be rocked with a brightly colored neck tie to contrast with the suit. Burgundy or royal purple is a nice choice. A white dress could be worn with the suit and finished off with a simple pocket square. This outfit would be a perfect fit for a daytime outfit.
Black suit
The black suit could be worn with a colorful shirt. You could go for a colorful parsley pattern shirt or go for beautiful masculine floral patterns. The dress shirt could be bright toned or bold deep tones. The neck tie could lean more on the dark tone side. It’s best to keep the tie color muted. The pocket square could however be colorful for a splash of bright edge. A pair of brown shoes cold be worn to make this perfect evening attire a bomb.

Grey suit
This suit is worn during the day and could be of two shades. You could go for the dark grey tone or the dusty light grey shade. A white dress shirt might make this outfit appear too formal; so why not go for a bit of color whilst choosing the shirt? Subtle shades of blue and pink would be awesome. For the pockets squares, why not go for prints or patterns? That would accentuate the casual elegance of the ensemble. A Ruby polka dot pocket square would be awesome.
Blue suit
What better way to go casual than a rich blue suit. The vibrancy of the blue would go well with a nice crisp white dress shirt. A neutral shade necktie would look nice with the attire. Depending on your style, you could go for simple or playful pocket square.
Blazer or sport jacket
One of the best ways to rock a wedding casual is to go with a blazer or a sport jacket. Both jackets are very similar with little distinct differences. They could be worn in less formal shirts and you could even decide to ditch the tie.
They could be rocked in multiple colors. You could decide to be full on exuberant or go for a bold darker shade. Prints and patterns are also welcome. The blazer or sport jacket could be beautifully patterned for an elegant playboy look.
If you do not vibe into the shirt thing, you could opt for turtle necks. This twist gives a soft formal yet casual look. Turtle necks could be worn under suit jackets as well. There are just so many options for an awesome casual look.