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Numbing Cream - A Good Solution

Medical or cosmetic procedures have a tendency to really pain full. Be it needles or anything that pierces our skin or actually hurts it, causes extreme discomfort for us. Numbing cream is a solution to a few of these problems. It acts as local anaesthesia and can be used for small medical procedures and various cosmetic ones. 

Active Ingredients in a numbing cream -

  1. Benzocaine – This is a very common local anaesthesia, mainly used to treat mouth problems. Though it doesn't work for a long period and is mainly used in short term, it relieves pain and is a used ingredient for many numbing creams.
  2. Pramoxine – this ingredient is normally used to ease any itchy sensation along with pain. the cause may vary from burns to insect bites, but it is very effective.
  3. Dibucaine – this is widely used for both itchiness and pain and is highly potent as local anesthesia.  
  4. Tetracaine – this ingredient is also a regularly used tropical anaesthesia.

Thus, we can see that all the active ingredients present in a numbing cream are very effective and routinely used as anaesthesia. These ingredients are present in 5% concentration and this is something you should check before purchasing a numbing cream. Below this level, the cream might not give you the desired effect. 

Storing tip 

Now before you use it, you should know the storing tip. It is always recommended to store it in a cool and dry space. The cold temperature allows you to preserve the cream and use it for a long period. These creams are in general pretty expensive, so it is always a good idea to know how to store them properly.

Things you should know before considering numbing creams as an option- 

  1. Previously, numbing creams were only used in medical procedures. However, nowadays demand in the cosmetic sector is increasing day by day. It is used while doing piercings, waxing, tattoos, fillings, Botox, and many others. People would think that this high demand would actually reduce the prices of these numbing creams, but somehow, they are still pretty expensive. You might get them over the comparatively cheaper counter, but it is always better to check and confirm that FDA approved.
  2. Now comes the most important point. Get the doctor's approval. You must consult your doctor before applying any of these creams. The amount that should be applied must be checked and prescribed by your physician. Anything that is applied to our skin gets absorbed through our skin. Now absorbing more than the prescribed amount can become very dangerous because of all the active ingredients present in the cream. 
  3. Again, numbing agents come in various different forms. Mostly in numbing cream and numbing spray form. The Cream form is mostly used. This is because for the spray to work properly the skin needs to be broken. This makes the process of application quite painful and cumbersome. Furthermore, its mainly used during tattoos which makes its scope of it quite limited. 

So, to enjoy a painless cosmetic procedure or a medical one, choosing a numbing cream is a pretty good idea. This will not only boost your confidence but will also allow you to go through the appointment without being tense.