drink drivers insurance

What to Know About Drink Drivers Insurance?

Driving a car or riding or motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and drugs is a serious offense. It not puts the life of the driver in danger but also the lives of other people. On getting caught by the police or if the person attracts unwanted attention to him, he can face harsh punishments by the law and forces. Such punishments often include paying a lumpsum amount of money as a fine, cancellation of license, and even jail. This is not the end. Apart from these consequences, he will also not get help from any insurance companies whatsoever and if there is damage caused to the individual’s car, he has to pay for the repairment from his own pocket. Thus, it also leads to extreme financial and economic pass on a person. 

The drink drivers insurance becomes relevant for these types of persons. But before proceeding further, we need to know first about it and how can a person get it. 

What is Drink Drivers Insurance?

Drink drivers insurance is a special type of insurance that is meant only for those people and drivers who have previous convictions for drinking and driving. It may be just a way to get out of trouble but getting this policy is not as simple as easy as it seems to be.

How to Get a Drink Drivers License?

Most companies like to offer policies to those customers who keep their records clean and follow the rules and laws while driving. In this way, both the insurance companies and the respective customers stay out of trouble and get the benefits that they want. However, there are a few companies as well which provide insurance policies to the drink-driving convicts. But the policy will not be as lucrative as the normal ones. 

Normally the drink drivers license does not come at a cheap cost. Although there are ways to find a way to get this license at a much more affordable rate, the safest option for an individual will be to sit with a broker and find out the best policy suited for him. Persons with multiple convictions of drinking and driving will face even more complications and limitations for making this license. Patience becomes the most important factor in these cases. 

For How Long Does a Person Have to Declare a Drink Driving Conviction to the Insurers?

According to the 1974 act,  Rehabilitation of Offenders, a person has to declare the drink driving conviction to the insurers for 5 years. However, the person does not need to declare spent convictions to the insurers. 

An individual can take the help of the rehabilitation centers, not only to recover himself both mentally and physically but it also increases the chance of getting a drink drivers license at a very affordable and minimum cost. 

It is always better to avoid the difficult and complex paths and the only way to do that is to follow the rules properly. Following the rules and regulations in a proper manner will help to keep both the driver and the persons safe.