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                                                 The Differences Between an Ordinary Weed Store and a specialized Store

A cannabis store, cannabis greenhouse, or recreational cannabis cooperative is an area where cannabis is sold either for medicinal or recreational use. In the Netherlands, these generally are known as coffee shops. In the United States, however, they now exist more as an outlet for medical and recreational use.

The only difference between the two is that in the United States consumers can purchase directly from a manufacturer/processor, whereas in the Netherlands one must purchase from an agent that acts as a broker and does the transactions for the retailer(s).
There are two types of marijuana stores: general pot shops, and specialty shops. General pot shops are those that sell not only the legal type of cannabis, but also other types of "backyard" cannabis such as supplies, soil, seeds, and plants.

Specialty pot shops only stock a specific amount of a certain type of cannabis, such as flowering buds, leaves, stems, and small plants. A specialty cannabis Scarborough weed store may only sell certain strains of a certain type of cannabis.

The first distinction between a specialized store and a general store is the amount of sales tax that is charged. All licensed cannabis businesses in the United States are required to collect and remit sales tax. This is based on the local sales tax and is due on the first of every month.

Some jurisdictions also have a franchise tax which is based on the local sales tax and is due on the tenth day of the month following the month in which the tax was paid. Specialty pot shops are completely exempt from all state and local taxation.

The second, and perhaps most important distinction between the two types of establishments is the service provided by them. A specialty marijuana store will generally offer more expansive services than a general pot shop would.

A knowledgeable and helpful sales staff can help customers choose what they want and can explain the benefits of different strains of cannabis products. A specialized cannabis store may also house an on-site laboratory where experts can test different strains of cannabis and help patients make informed decisions. This type of service is becoming more common among marijuana shops.

The final, and arguably, most important difference between the two types of establishments is location. Licensed marijuana dispensaries are located inside of private homes or apartment buildings, whereas liquor stores are typically found in public areas, like malls and restaurants.

While a weed store is not allowed to enter a private dwelling, it is perfectly acceptable to sit on a sidewalk or small table outside of licensed cannabis clinics. In some jurisdictions, bartenders may be permitted to openly perform their duties without displaying their identification badges. Shoppers also do not need to worry about driving to another jurisdiction to purchase marijuana. Many weed stores are located in tourist areas and other popular places frequented by tourists.

There are pros and cons to both marijuana dispensaries and bartenders. Customers need to take the time to research their local options to determine which type of establishment will serve their needs best. Both types of establishments can help marijuana users get their fix, legally.