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Choosing the Right Headstone Material to Last Hundreds of Years

Throughout our life, we are bound to visit a cemetery to pay respect and homage to the family or friends that came before us and have passed away to their final resting place. Although a scary thought, we eventually reach that point in life.  When we eventually pass on, the usual indicator of where our final resting place would be our headstones. When it comes to headstones, we see them in different shapes and sizes with fancy lettering and all. Other than choosing the right stone mason Melbourneit is just as important to consider the type of material. While there are factors such as budget to consider, let’s go over the several popular materials for cemetery plaques and headstones and why you should take them up into consideration.

Marble Grave Markers

Marble is most popular option between all the presented material. The reason for this popularity mainly stems from its variety of colors available along with the pattern it has when it is cut. The colors range from pink, white and black with some shades of grey. Compared to the other options that uses precious stones as options, marble offers a more unique finish with how its patterns create swirls and multiple colors when compared to the solid colors most precious stones have.

However, it should be taken note of that marble is very soft and can easily be scratched by metallic objects. It is also sensitive to high pH levels which is attributed in acid rain. These two factors means that it requires more maintenance and upkeep to keep it from falling apart.

Granite Grave Markers

Granite is a material choice that has been on the rise in recent time as it offers and boasts high durability than most materials. Compared to marble, granite is more resistant to scratching and weathering. This is because when of how it is formed in nature. Marble is made from limestone which consists of calcium carbonate and reacts well with acid. While granite is formed from the solidification of volcanic magma. This formation causes it to be more durable and weather types making it difficult to even scratch the surface through conventional means. Granite is a perfection option for clients that want the headstone to be the same throughout the years and doesn’t cost as much for maintenance only needing to be cleaned once or twice a year.

Quartz Grave Markers

An odd combination between the characteristics of marble and granite. Quartz offers a unique blend between the color combination that marble has to offer and the durable granite is proud of. Quartz although not as vibrant in appearance as marble, is more resistant to chemical weathering caused by rain while being heat and cold resistant. Dark quartz has been growing in popularity in the market because of this characteristic. Although same as marble it requires a slightly higher upkeep and maintenance to be preserved.

Bronze Grave Markers

This type of grave marker is best suited for mausoleums or indoor grave markings. Although it can be used for outdoors settings it is highly reactive to the weather which can cause oxidation. Even though with this in mind, it is the cheapest option among all the choices above while being just as durable. Bronze grave markers are also a unique choice and offers a certain type of elegant touch if maintained properly. Maintenance is also easy as oxidation can easily be taken care of using household products such as vinegar and salt diluted in water. Acids causes a reaction that helps remove rust and return the shine to bronze markers.