How Mental Health Is Affected By Nutrition

Many of us know the health benefits of consuming a balanced diet, but the topic of mental health is still a stigma in many places. We really don't pay any attention to how poor nutrition has a negative impact on our mental health. More extensive studies are conducted to understand the connection between nutrition and mental health.

The link between food and mood
A well-balanced diet has the potential to improve mood, increase energy, and helps you remain stress-free and think purposefully. Everything is important, from carbohydrates to vitamins and minerals; even the slightest deficient in any could adversely affect your mental health.

The importance of carbohydrates
Studies have shown that an average brain requires 20% of the entire body's energy to function efficiently. Thus for healthy working of the brain, you require plenty of energy. Glucose or sugar is the main source of energy. Carbohydrates provide glucose and this glucose is mixed with blood to provide the necessary energy.

Insufficient energy results in fatigue, irritable mood, and the inability to think purposefully. Most people consume carbohydrates in the form of starchy food and grains. This includes whole wheat, rice, flour, and even fruits and vegetables. It is very crucial to keep your blood sugar stable to avoid any sudden and frequent changes in mood. Most people check their blood sugar regularly to prevent any health risks. Consumption of oats, nuts, seeds, and cereals in small portions regularly is the key to maintain stable and healthy blood sugar.

Fats and Proteins
Most people consider fats as harmful, but fats are both. Healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 help the inefficient functioning of our brain. You can find these healthy fatty acids in nuts, seeds, avocados, fish oils, chicken and eggs, and even in numerous dairy products.

Proteins are rich in amino acids and the latter helps in regulating the thought process of the brain. Eggs, chicken, meat, cheese, nuts, seeds, soya, and leguminous products are rich in protein. Your diet should consist of enough amino acids.

Vitamins and minerals
Fruits and vegetables help us to maintain the vitamin and mineral content of our bodies. Our daily nutrition should have enough vitamins and minerals so that our daily mood is not affected. Many people are advised with vitamin supplements according to their individual deficiency.

Although most people do not consider water as part of daily nutrition, water has immense power to keep mental health in check. People who don't drink enough water suffer from dehydration and long-term dehydration results in anxiety due to lack of hydration.

You can include some fermented food to keep your gut health in check too.

While the above guide is just the basics of nutrition and mental health, the key is to maintain a healthy diet maintain healthy mental health. It is as important as staying physically fit and active. You can avail of services from Ally's angels to get your customized daily diet chart that would provide you with competitive nutrition.