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Getting to understand live resin BHO, PHO, and COOil

Get the surrey BHO, PHO, CO2, and live resin concentrates. But before you get them, you need to understand each of them so that you know when to use which concentrate most appropriately. 

Live resin

It is a new method of extraction that is cutting edge, which has many benefits for recreational and medicinal users of cannabis. The live resin utilizes the BHO extraction method. As starting materials, it uses cryogenically frozen flowers. The results mean that there will be far richer terpenes profile and a final product that is moister. When the concentration of terpenes is higher, it results in deeper flavors and various health benefits.

The disadvantage of the live resin is that, you have to use sophisticated laboratory equipment to carry out the freezing, in most cases, liquid nitrogen that should be stored at a temperature of about -196°C. It is what largely rules out live resin production when it comes to home-based production. 

Because of the additional complications of the process of extraction, the live resin is known to be expensive as compared to other extracts. If your priority is to consume a concentrate that is rich in terpenes, then the best option is live resin. 


It is a short form of butane hash oil. It is utilized in budder, wax, shatter, and other various forms of hash oil. Though the material tends to be popular, it is said to be risky. BHO comes from butane, and thus, can be very risky to produce it at home because of the combustion risk. There are several BHO home production which has resulted in an explosion. If you have to buy it, you have to be aware that BHO that is made from home might comprise of contaminants. 


It is very similar to BHO except that it uses propane instead of butane. To make the propane, hash oil has its combustion risks though the risk is lower than that posed by the BHO. The PHO is known to be cheaper than BHO. 


If you like using a vape pen, then the chances are that you have used the CO2.  CO2 oil becomes popular in the world of the production of hash oil. It has several advantages compared to the other methods of extraction, including an extraction process that is contaminant free, yields that are very high, and the opportunity to separate the various cannabinoids and the terpenes during the process of extraction. 

The CO2 extraction utilizes CO2 that is supercritical calibrated into different pressures and temperatures to isolate the cannabinoids combination that is exact and the terpenes that the extractor is looking for. The drawback of the CO2 is that you will require expensive machinery and lab expertise that is extensive, which means that the extraction method is beyond what most home-based operators can afford. 

With the knowledge from the above information, you can make a wise decision about which way to go depending on your specific needs.