Gmail spam folder

What is the Gmail spam folder?

Spam emails gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is the most common and cheapest way of advertising as well as hacking. Spam emails generally contain a lot of repetitive and unimportant emails or are sent from spam mail ids that have been marked by Gmail. Such emails usually spread false information just to lure the reader into its trap. Many emails have a link attached to them so that you can click on the link to access whatever the mail claims to offer, however, most of the time it is fake and is a scam to either loot you or for personal advertisement with no advantage for you.

Opening a link attached to a spam email can be very dangerous for your device. It might contain malware that will automatically be installed into your device once you click on the link. At other times, a suspicious link is also capable of having your personal information and allows the hacker to extort money from you for your private information. Therefore, you should always be cautious while opening any random link. You should need to access your important online transaction, enter passwords at any cyber café outside as they may contain bots that store all your activities and passwords.

To avoid getting all these problems, Gmail has a spam folder. The Gmail spam folder is a very good application for all modern-day people who do a lot of their work through their emails.

How to Mark or Unmark Gmail Spam Folder?
Gmail marks emails as spam and primary according to its AI. It also marks senders who you least interact with as spam mailers so that you do not need to interact with such mailers. But a lot of times, Gmail does not identify a mail or the sender properly and adds an important mail to the spam folder or visa vis. That is why you should keep on checking your spam folder once in a few days so that you can keep tabs on the emails marked as spam or not.

If you do see an email that has wrongly been marked as spam but is important to you, you can easily unmark it as spam and it will automatically shift to your inbox with the other important emails. Therefore, marking and demarking of spam emails is very easy, since Gmail has recently started deleting all three spam mails within a month, you should keep on looking into the spam folder so that no important mail gets lost due to the shuffling of Gmail.

The spam feature of any email service provider is a very great initiative as it acts as a warning to stay away from fraudulent emails so that you do not interact with them and get caught in the wrong space. Since cyber attacking and cybercrimes are increasing so much each day, spam folders are a great initiative to alert the users from the same. If you ever find a mail in your inbox that you think is possibly false mail then you also have the option of reporting it so that Gmail can look into it and verify your doubt.